Mark Ruffalo’s World War II epic All the Light We Can’t See gets the official trailer

    Sometimes there’s no story more riveting than that of a father and daughter struggling to escape and save each other from a tyrannical evil that has torn the world and countless families apart. After announcing the project early last year, Netflix brought together some of the best creative minds from near and far in a new drama series called All the light we can’t see which is set to premiere on the streaming platform in November. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a new trailer dropped this morning, giving us a first-hand look at the Pulitzer Prize-winning story of Daniel and Marie-Laure LeBlanc.

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    All the light we can’t see It is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning story of the same name written and published in 2014 by Anthony Doerr. The four-part limited series is directed by Shawn Levy, the producing giant behind Netflix’s historical supernatural franchise Weird thingsand Stephen Knight who created the award-winning BBC programme Poor disguise. Levy also serves as co-executive producer alongside Dan Levine (bogeyman) and Josh Barry. The stars of this new series include newcomer Arya Mia Luberti, Marvel alum Mark Ruffalo, and Hugh Laurie who captivated viewers in the acclaimed series. a houseGerman actor Louis Hoffmann (dark), Lars Edinger (white noise) and Andrea Dick (homeland).

    A story of escaping the system and finding the light

    All light we can't see 2

    The trailer opens with the ominous sounds of distant bombing and unsettling radio silence as we see Marie-Laure (Aria Mia Luperti) and Werner (Louis Hoffmann), two teenagers on opposite sides of a battlefield during World War II. In the absence of dialogue, we’re treated to a beautifully melodic piano that sets the tone for the story. We meet a younger Mary Laurie, who is blind and lives in Paris with her father, Daniel (Mark Ruffalo), a locksmith at the Museum of Natural History.

    Hitler’s invasion of Europe engulfs France, with cities near each other being bombed. We also meet Werner, an intelligent teenage boy who is forcibly recruited into a Nazi training camp to track down illegal broadcasts. The capital, Paris, is soon captured by the Nazi army, forcing Marie and her father to flee to the port city of Malo with the “legendary diamond” sought by the Gestapo. There they stay with her great uncle √Čtienne, a reclusive World War I veteran who works for the resistance that broadcasts covert radio transmissions. This causes Marie and Werner’s paths to inevitably collide, as they both reject authoritarianism and instead bond over their “belief in humanity” and the “possibility of hope” in the aftermath of the disasters wrought by the war.

    All the light we can’t see The premiere is set to premiere on Netflix on November 2nd. The first trailer for the movie can be seen below.

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