Luke Skywalker’s red and green lights dual-use with the beginning of a new age

    Luke Skywalker He wields both the green and red lightsaber on an upcoming casing star Wars Comedy, with great effects. at Marvel’s star Wars Comics – between canon The empire strikes And Return of the Jedi – Luke Skywalker is growing as a serious person. Currently, Luke wields a yellow-bladed sword as a weapon before inevitably building his famous green-bladed lightsaber. However, his yellow lightsaber is about to become badly damaged, and it looks like he’ll have a major choice on how to replace it.

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    Next hardcover star Wars #35 – Written by Charles Saul, Madibek Musabikov, and cover artist Steven Segovia – Features Luke Skywalker wielding a dual red lightsaber (in front of Darth Vader) and a green lightsaber (mounted in front of Yoda). in Star Wars: RevelationsIt’s already been shown that Luke will soon have red and green kyber crystals, but this image suggests he might actually be building lightsabers with each of them. In fact, Luke wielded his iconic green-bladed lightsaber along with a red-bladed Shoto in legends timeline, suggesting this may be a restoration of that moment in the current canon.

    Luke’s red lightsaber is a dark side trial

    Luke wields a red and a green lightsaber in Star Wars (2020) #35.

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    at present star Wars canon, the light-powered Kyber crystals are colorless until they bind to a Force user, though there is only one way they turn red. The dark side user must bend Kyber to his will, turning him red by ‘bleeding’ him out in the process. in legendsLightsaber crystals have always been a specific color, and while Jedi traditionally used natural crystals (often blue, green, or purple), the Sith overlaid them with the dark side, always resulting in red gems. in legendsRemarkably, Luke used the Force to synthesize his crystal, and the careful process yielded a green gem. His Red Shot, by contrast, was the result of Luke rushing to prepare for a second duel with the Dark Lady of the Sith Lumia.

    Luke Skywalker has a long history with the Red Kyber crystals

    Star Wars Luke Skywalker green lightsaber red shoto

    currently in star Wars By law, Qi’ra’s use of the ancient Fermata Cage has thrown the Force into disarray. Luke struggles to draw on his energies, while Darth Vader has become a man of uncontrollable power. Fans know Luke will be looking for Kyber to reconnect with the Force and that “his yellow sword will be damaged, hinting that he will soon build his last green sword.” However, the Force is inherently balanced, so restoring his abilities may not be as simple as building a new weapon. This may explain why Luke appears with a green and red crystal detection It is likely that he will need to access both the light and dark sides to restore his personal balance. In fact, he might even go as far as building the Red and Green Swords to achieve this, tempting Darkness in the process.

    It’s possible that Luke wields a red lightsaber at this time, as his inner struggle with the temptation of the dark side and his unwillingness to kill his father are central to his work. Return of the Jedi Character arc. Luke, in particular, wielded a red lightsaber in star Wars canon before, as shown by one of Darth Atrios’ weapons, with Luke struggling to resist the weapon’s corrupting power. Luke Skywalker He could have another chance to resist the power of the dark side by wielding a green and red lightsaber in this upcoming star Wars cartoons.

    star Wars #35 Available now from Marvel Comics.

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