Love Is Blind Theory Reveals Partis’ Possible New Girlfriend

    Bartis left Bowden love is blind Fans who have questions after teasing his new girlfriend, but have been working to identify the mystery woman. Bartis starred in love is blind Season 2 f perfect match Season 1, where he compiled a generous list of potential love interests. Bartis was not a fan favorite due to his immaturity and condescending conversations with women. Because of his behavior, his entry into fatherhood recently was unexpected, to say the least. The mother of his child is not a reality television personality, and soon after learning of her supposed identity, he began hinting that he was dating someone else.

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    love is blind And perfect match Star Bartis Bowden has kept fans on their toes with his recent cryptic announcements, but it’s possible that the working theory has located his new girlfriend. TikToker @tweet Share a video that prepares fans for the disappointment that Partis will likely not return to reality TV due to “It’s taken!”

    TikTok shows consecutive photos of Bartise and another woman on a date, who appears to be at the same restaurant in Dallas. The two photos were shared on Instagram by Bartise and a woman named Cait Vanderberry. The creator added that besides their photos taken at the same place, she also noticed Partis “friend comments stuff” on Cait’s Instagram posts.

    Love Is Blind Star Bartise’s supposed new GF is similar to the previous one

    Abby Humphries from Perfect Match on Twentysomethings: Austin

    After becoming aware of Barthez’s supposed new woman, fans couldn’t help but realize the similarities to one of his well-known girlfriends. perfect match. “The resemblance to Abbey is uncanny,” Vobwa He said, tagging Abbey Humphreys, one of Bartise’s matches from the show. Storytaker added, “She reminds me a lot of Abby.” Fans have also pointed out that Bartis seems to have “He writes,” referring to Abby, his supposed new girlfriend Kate and the mother of his child, Olivia Gross. These thoughts prompted further discussion about Bartis’ ex-fianc√© love is blindNancy Rodriguez, who appears to be different from his dating partners who followed their engagement.

    This is a compelling theory as to who Bartis’ new girlfriend is, and it wouldn’t be the first time the reality TV star has failed to keep his new partner’s identity hidden. The photos Bartise and Cait shared look identical in setting. This finding, combined with Bartis’ comments and her active liking of her Instagram posts, makes it more likely that the theory is true. It should be Bartis and Kate who assert themselves, which neither of them has done so far. But maybe a reveal is coming, considering Partis hasn’t been shy about dropping unexpected announcements in recent months.

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    Partis Hard got his start as a father and Soft released his entire relationship status in a matter of weeks, so he should expect more theories about what exactly happened with both women. There are definitely similarities between his potential new girlfriend and Abbey. It will be interesting to see if Bartis or even Abby responds. Although it cannot be said for sure, love is blind Fans once again hit the detective with their online presence. Bartys mysterious friend may just be a woman named Kate. However, it doesn’t seem like they’re trying too hard to hide it if the theory is true.

    Sources: @Realityashley/TikTok, Cait Vanderberry/Instagram

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