Love Is Blind fans were shocked by Paul’s “savage” comments about Micah

    WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS for the Love is Blind Season 4 Finale!

    Paul Biden faces backlash from love is blind Fans follow his comments about Micah on their wedding day. Paul proposed to Micah without hesitation, and the trust in their relationship was mutual regardless of Micah’s firm attachment to Kwame Abijah. Paul has been sweet and genuine all season. It was widely assumed that Micah would be the one to say no at the altar, as she had engaged in many flirty conversations with Kwame. When that day came, Micah reiterated her concern that Paul would only say yes because he felt forced to. Paul reiterated his concerns about whether he can make a commitment without a definitive answer as to what their future holds.

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    Fans aren’t happy Blind love Paul Peden, not for his decision about the altar, but for what he said about Micah after the fact. Twitter users respond to paul’s comments on micha’s lack of “Care” adjectives. user MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen books , “Paul saying he can’t portray Micah as a mother because she lacks the quality of nurturing is one of the most brutal things I’ve ever heard on this show.”

    Many fans responded in agreement with the rating, with some setting a bug for Netflix to allow comments stemming from “Pure misogyny” Up in the air. Another pointed out that Paul perpetuates “Outdated stereotypes about gender roles in parenting” Harmful and harmful.

    Paul did not express his concern before their wedding that love is blind

    Paul Peden and Micah Lussier in Love Is Blind Season 4

    There were red flags and questioning the sincerity of Paul and Micah. However, one thing not discussed is Paul’s apparent concerns about Micah’s nurturing qualities. Micah was over the top with her words of affirmation towards Paul, calling him handsome, and telling him she missed him five minutes later. In fact, they were almost received.”too much,” This is the reason for the interest in authenticity. Any conversation about kids or parenting usually happens in pods, so if anything, Paul should have had some idea of ​​Micah’s familial intentions before he proposed.

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    Challenging a woman’s ability to be a good mother – those who desire to be a mother and value the ability to nurture – is tough. Micah said in one of her interviews that she plans to have children, so it is safely assumed that Paul is aware of this intention. Can anyone even adequately rate the parenting ability of others after one month of knowing someone? This is not likely, and something that should have been expected during the process. It’s understandable to evaluate the qualities of a potential partner, and to choose or reject them based on that, but directly questioning one’s future success with parenting is a different story.

    On their wedding day, Paul’s legs are constantly shaking as he asks everyone he recognizes what they should do. The uncertainty was palpable that day, but before that, nothing was said that would lead him to believe he was concerned about Micah’s lack of nurturing qualities. love is blind It requires singles to commit in a quick manner, but Paul jumps to a conclusion about Micah with insensitive words and a zero basis. Micah has not commented on the matter, and it is unknown if she knew it was said before the finale aired.

    source: MustafaHosny Oh God, Amen/Twitter

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