Lord Of The Rings made Aragorn’s arc more dramatic by changing the details of one book

    Important details about Aragorn’s story the Lord of the Rings It was altered for the movies, greatly improving its overall character. Changes from J.R.R. Tolkien’s canon are usually criticized, especially when they are made solely for dramatic effect. In the case of Aragorn, many dramatic and unnecessary alterations have been made to his story, but some of them have made him a more sympathetic character. In cases like this, it becomes easy to forget that these elements weren’t part of Tolkien’s canon – especially with regard to Aragorn’s evolution from ranger to king of Gondor.

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    There wasn’t enough time to Lord of the rings Movies to dive deep into Aragorn’s past, but Peter Jackson’s story still has him as the undefeated vigilante. This was reasonably consistent with his book counterpart, but Stryder was much more reluctant to become King in the movies. He had an almost embarrassing way of approaching revealing that he was the heir of Gondor. When he finally spoke of it, Aragorn said he feared repeating Isildur’s mistakes. It wasn’t until Elrond reforged Elendil’s sword The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King that Aragorn really took up the mantle of king.

    Aragorn himself had the Sword of Elendil reworked in the LOTR books

    Aragorn and Narsel in The Lord of the Rings

    This was not the case in Lord of the rings books. From the beginning, Aragorn knew and accepted that it was his destiny to be King of Gondor, and was anxious for the day when he could finally take his rightful place. In fact, instead of Elendil’s sword pieces, Narsil, being displayed in Rivendell, Aragorn carried it with him wherever he went in the books. Then, having met Frodo and brought him to Elrond, Aragorn reforged his sword, rather than encourage him to accept his elf lineage.

    Aragorn was brought up in Rivendell by Elrond, who always ensured the young boy understood his destiny in Middle-earth. This meant that when Aragorn learned that the One Ring of Sauron had come out of hiding, he knew the day he would regain his throne was approaching. After all that had happened with Isildur, Aragorn had to prove himself before he could be accepted as king. The war against Sauron was his moment, so he reforged his ancestors’ sword as a symbol of his coming.

    Why the LOTR Movies Were Right to Change Aragorn’s StoryLord of the Rings Aragorn Ararthorn

    Aragorn’s story Lord of the rings The books were something of Arthurian legend, but his confidence came across as unsympathetic to a modern hero. On the other hand, if the exiled ruler feared repeating the mistakes of his predecessors, and was therefore reluctant to take the throne, it would be a sign that he would make a mediocre king. Also, this dynamic in Lord of the rings The films mean that the moment Aragorn finally accepts his fate and steps out of his role as ruthless vigilante Strider will be all the more poignant.

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    Aragorn’s character arc Lord of the rings The movies were also better than in the books because of Elrond. Elrond may be a jerk, but his acceptance of Aragorn’s love for Arwen and his role as king was emblematic of Middle-earth’s acceptance. So when the iconic elf, who had previously shown no faith in Aragorn’s ability to fulfill his destiny, unveils the reforged sword, it was the delicious ‘accept the call’ moment of Aragorn’s Hero’s Journey. with the Lord of the RingsUsually, less changes are better. However, in the case of Aragorn, a shift in his motives into direct action was the right choice.

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