Lilo & Stitch Live-Action Remake cast Kahiau Machado as Nani’s love interest

    Disney live-action remake Lilo and Stitch By leaps and bounds. The original animated film, which premiered in 2002, follows the story of Lilo, a young Hawaiian girl who lives with her older sister, Nani, after the death of their parents. Lilo is an outcast who struggles to relate to others until she finds an unlikely friend in Stitch, a mischievous alien. The film quickly became a fan favorite, and its themes of friendship and family resonated with audiences of all ages. The live-action remake of Lilo & Stitch offers Disney a unique opportunity to highlight the important themes that made the original animated classic so beloved.

    per THR, Kahiao Machado He is the latest addition to the cast and will play David Kawena. David is an important character in the original film and serves as a romantic interest for Nanny. He is also a friend who cares for Lilo and helps her protect Stitch from those who made him. Fans of the original are optimistic that this remake will breathe new life into the story, rather than just watering it down for modern audiences. Disney has faced criticism for its previous live-action remakes, with many feeling that they failed to address the issues that plagued the original films.

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    The Lilo & Stitch remake cast Sydney Elizabeth Agudong as Nanny

    Nani Live Action

    The casting choices for the new live-action Lilo & Stitch were interesting, with Maia Kealoha cast as Lilo and Sydney Elizabeth Agudong as Nanny. Agudong is an aspiring actress with several film and television credits to her name. Some of her previous works include roles in films second chances And western michigan. Agudong has also appeared in TV shows such as on my blog And Find Millie Martinwhere she played supporting roles. In addition to her previous work, Agudong has recently finished filming the upcoming movie at your feetWhere you play the leading role.

    Zach Galifianakis has also been cast to play Pleakley, the quirky, bizarre character originally voiced by Kevin McDonald in the animated version of Lilo and Stitch. Galifianakis is known for his roles in films such as hangover, campaign, And due date. Galifianakis’ versatility and experience with both live-action and animated films make him an excellent candidate. The film is directed by Dean Fleischer Camp, who has a background in comedy and had previously directed the series Marcel the crust with the shoe. The screenplay is written by Chris Kekanyokalani and production is being supervised by Dan Lin and Jonathan Erich, who have both previously worked on Disney projects such as the live-action remake of the film. Aladdin.

    Release date Lilo and Stitch A live-action edition has not been confirmed.

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