Life of Ash Trailer [EXCLUSIVE]

    screen rant An exclusive first look at a new trailer for Season 2 of… Century: The Age of Ashes. Dragon shooter free latest update Dragon Destiny, and will introduce many promising features, including a new class and unique dragon types. This will be the fifth installment of the dark fantasy game overall, and is intended to help introduce new lore to the title.

    A trailer from developer Playwing offered exciting new details for Century: The Age of AshesSeason 2 – just released on March 21 – including the all-new Thornweaver class, which specializes in controlling areas of the map with druid forces of nature.

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    Century: The Age of AshesThe Thronweaver class brings with it new types of dragon that feature several variants, and a reworking of the map of Lake Hünavatn, a quick tour of which is shown in the trailer. The Season 2 Dragon Pass also introduces a slate of new rewards – customizations for both Throneweaver and Legacy classes, unique weapons, XP boosts, and more.

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    More about Century: The Age of Ashes Season 2

    Horn: New Thornweaver class Age of Ashes and a dragon standing together on a ledge.

    It is arguably the biggest standout of the latest Century: The Age of Ashes Season is the class of Thornweaver, an elven archetype known for being a fierce warrior. Not only will players have a new style of character to play with, but the addition of this new one Century: The Age of Ashes The class will also introduce a new perspective, as all of the new season action is from their point of view. Thornweavers specialize in manipulating nature in addition to what a press release describes as “Zone controlled gameplay mechanicsIt will be available through paid access.

    Century: The Age of Ashes Season 2 brings new gameplay options

    Century: Age of Ashes Dragon Pass screen showing level 7 and a green dragon.

    Of course, new Century: The Age of Ashes class also means new types of dragons associated with it, and Dragon Destiny It will bring several, each with different variants. Dragons and their accompanying customization items can be obtained through the in-game Dragon Pass, with a new leveling mechanism allowing players to unlock different levels of rewards. The location of Lake Hünavatn has also become overgrown, providing a more knowledge-based experience for players to explore.

    From trying a different class to hatching new dragon eggs Century: The Age of AshesThere will be plenty of new content for dragons to enjoy Dragon Destiny. This new trailer showed that Thornweaver’s abilities will likely put a new twist on the drag game gameplay. Fortunately, with the update released earlier this week, gamers won’t have to wait to get their hands on everything. Century: The Age of Ashes this season.

    Source: Century: Age of Ashes / YouTube

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