Liam Neeson recreates a scene from the icons

    Liam Neeson wows hockey audiences by recreating one of the most iconic moments of his career.

    Liam Neeson Fans couldn’t get away from his iconic role in takenAnd apparently the actor can’t either. It’s been nearly 15 years since the release of the popular action movie that later became a trilogy, making Neeson one of the biggest action stars in Hollywood.

    Despite his variety of roles and continuing to display his versatility, there is no doubt that his interpretation of Brian Mills in taken He left such an imprint on him and his followers that one of his monologues in the film was transformed into something legendary. And it still has a huge impact, obviously.

    Neeson was in attendance at a hockey game, and there he wowed the audience by recreating the famous scene from the movie (via Twitter user Greg Wochinsky):

    taken It follows former elite Special Forces agent Brian Mellis who finds himself entangled in a criminal organization’s plot when he tries to rescue his daughter, Kim. On a trip to Paris, Kim and her friend are kidnapped by a criminal network that traffics in women, especially young girls. Melis has only 96 hours to save her daughter before she loses track of her.

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    Present and future Liam Neeson

    Liam Neeson in Marlowe
    parallel movies

    Neeson is now promoting his latest movie, Marlowethe new crime thriller film directed by Neil Jordan and written by William Monahan, based on the 2014 novel black blonde By John Banville, written under the pseudonym Benjamin Black. The story is set in 1939 Los Angeles and centers around private investigator Philip Marlowe, who is assigned to find the former lover of a charming heiress.

    After that, Neeson will join another famous franchise: The naked gun. The actor will star in the reboot of the action comedy epic starring Leslie Nielsen, which will be directed by Akiva Shaffer (Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers).

    The naked gun It is based on the TV series created by David Zucker in 1982, with Nielsen appearing as Lt. Frank Drebin. The original movie premiered in 1988 and had two sequels, in 1991 and 1994. Neeson recently returned as Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi, a Disney + original animated series. He could return again to play this role in the series or another related project.

    Presently, he is filming slaughterer, Hans Petter Moland’s upcoming project, which also stars Ron Perlman, Yolonda Ross, Daniel Diemer, and more. He also has two other films in post-production. The first is Retribution, which is a remake of the 2015 Spanish film El Disconosedo. the other is in Land of saints and sinnersan Irish thriller film directed by Robert Laurens.

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