Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson launch children’s book

    Leslie Odom Jr And Nicolette Robinson’s new book, I love you more than you can imagineAvailable for purchase now. The book is described as a “touching and honest poem about the way we feel about our children”. Joy Hwang Ruiz provided the illustrations, and the book is approximately 32 pages long. This is according to Macmillan’s website, which also provided the description below:

    “The love we feel for our children is never wavering. From the moment a child is born, through good times and bad, from silly moments to warm hugs, this love is greater than we can put into words.

    “This beautiful book is a reassuring lyrical refrain about the bonds we form with the closest children in our lives.”

    Odom is an Academy Award-nominated actor for One night in Miami…Where he portrayed musician Sam Cooke. On stage, he is best known for his performance as Aaron Burr (Sir) in the musical Hamilton, for which it won a Tony and a Grammy, with an additional Emmy nomination for the Disney+ version of the comic. He previously wrote another book titled failure.

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    Robinson is also an actor, also appearing in One night in Miami… Like Barbara Cooke, she married Odom in the movie as well as in real life. Additional film and television credits include affairs And love in Corona time. She was also the first black woman to portray Gina in it Waitresswhich was Robinson’s Broadway debut.

    Books and music loom large in our home. A lot of our favorite moments as a family revolve around one or the other. I love you more than you can imagine both of them! Our script is the lyrics to a song about the great love we can have for the smallest of human beings,” Odom told People during an interview.

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    Other information about the book

    I love you more than you can imagine It is not limited to just your kids. According to Odom, it can also be for siblings, grandchildren, godchildren, and God-given children. Below is an example of a “Song to Give Them Confidence” from the book description.

    Do you remember when we first met?

    It was a moment I won’t soon forget.

    Your shimmering aura. Your crooked smile!

    Do you remember my trusted friend?

    When I’m counting all the blessings, you’re always number one.

    Sweetest of all, we’re just getting started.

    According to Robinson in the same article from PEOPLE, I love you more than you can imagine It started as part of the family’s bedtime ritual. Odom and Robinson have two children, a boy and a girl named Able Phineas and Lucille Robbie. And bedtime in their home is a “holy ritual” that consists of several steps.

    “Like many families, we bathe, read together and then sing together. When we wrote this book, we thought about the things we’d like to pass on to our children before they go to sleep at night… encouragement, security, comfort, and knowing they’re so loved.”

    Odom and Robinson have now joined many different actors who have written children’s books. Others include Elizabeth Olsen and Robbie Arnett with Hattie Harmony: The Anxious DetectiveChanning Tatum with Only Sparkella and its sequel, Viola Davis With Corduroy takes a bow and many more. All of the above books are now available online or in your library.

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