Kevin Smith opens up about his mental health issues and being comfortable with himself

    Kevin Smith One of the most celebrated independent film directors of the past 30 years, he’s also reached new audiences with his social media interactions, podcasts, and his renewal of Masters of the Universe at Netflix. Recently though, Smith has opened up about something more personal; The challenges he faced with his mental health.

    Smith entered a specialized treatment center in January last year after struggling with his mental health. At the time, he told a friend he was “in a strange, dark place” and speaking to People, Smith explained how he learned to confront the traumatic experiences that have plagued him over the years. Smith said during the interview:

    “I felt so disgusted, like I didn’t care. That’s when the ‘other guy’ came into play. I decided to be entertaining and get people to like me before they even noticed I was fat. At first, it was hard to share when someone talks about watching their friend get killed and I’m like, ‘Okay. My fourth-grade teacher told me I’m fat, ‘but I’ve learned that there’s no differentiation [between levels of trauma] of the human nervous system. Internally, the shock is a shock. This was an eye opener because I always spent most of my time depressed about the past or worried about the future. I’m really interested to see if I can finally be comfortable just sitting by myself and being alone with my thoughts. I’m terrified to see everyone’s reaction to [all of this], but I know someone out there who doesn’t know this stuff – like I didn’t – can get something out of this. “

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    Kevin Smith has a lot of projects in the works.

    Kevin Smith interview
    Kevin Smith

    Last year, Kevin Smith finally made his return to one of his most famous franchises with the Clerks III. Having completed this trilogy, he is soon expected to begin work on another, delayed sequel: Mallrats 2. currently under the heading Twilight of the MallratsSmith quipped back in December that he hopes to make progress on that project sometime this year. he said to him Fatman Beyond Podcast:

    “I have a bunch of stuff. The first few months of the year I’m going to write. I have a bunch of writing projects for other people, so unfortunately I’m not at liberty to reveal them, but some of them are great. This is a different beast than the things I do for myself. What I look forward to the most To him? We’re seeing some attraction in Mallrats 2: Twilight of the Mallrats, so…fingers crossed, folks. We heard from the Lionsgate folks and they were very pleased with Clerks III’s performance. I’m not allowed to say anything else.”

    whatever happens Mallrats 2Smith made it clear that he would never stop making films as long as he was able to. Last year he sparked a sequel to tuska possible fourth clerks Movie and of course him Masters of the Universe: Revolution Coming to Netflix soon.

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