Kenan Thompson calls his selection the greatest comedy character of all time

    Drawing comics icon Kenan Thompson thought his old friend Kyle Mitchell She portrayed what might be the best character ever to appear in the history of sketch comics. Considering how Thompson grew up in sketch comedy alongside Mitchell as an actor all of that star before moving on to become the longest-reigning cast member of all time Saturday Night LiveObviously, this is a resounding endorsement. It seems that for all the diverse material he has seen from the rotating cast members in SNL Over the years, Thompson never forgot to revive the character of “Coach Creighton” Mitchell in a series of sketches on all of that.

    ’90s kids will likely remember the character well. Portrayed by Mitchell, the character is an old, bitter sports teacher who clearly doesn’t like children. The sketches usually feature Coach Creighton comically berating the children and often injuring himself in painful ways. The character was so popular that Mitchell brought it back in recent years for the all of that Revival series.

    Per CinemaBlend, Mitchell and Thompson join Danny Tamberelli and Laurie Beth Denberg on the programme all of that Reunion Cast at ’90s Con. After Mitchell instructed Coach Kreeton by doing a voice-over for the fans in attendance, Thompson went on to hail the character as perhaps the greatest character ever created in the history of sketch comics. As Thompson says:

    “I was just saying behind the scenes that Coach Creighton might be the greatest comic figure in the history of sketch comedy. It all depends on this guy’s talent. Like, physical absurdity, size, you know what I’m saying?” [to Kel Mitchell] Brother, you’re a monster, man, and we’re still crying. I always felt so lucky that he was kind of giving this away for free, you know? You’re like TV now.”

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    Kenan Thompson will reunite with Kel Mitchell again for Good Burger 2

    Good burger

    Mitchell and Thompson are also famous for starring on Nickelodeon Good BurgerIt was recently confirmed that the film will be getting a sequel. The two announced when they reunited on an episode of The Tonight Show, and the film is in development for a streaming release on Paramount+. Of course, the two will reprise their respective roles as Ed and Dexter from the original movie.

    There is no set release date for Good Burger 2but you can stream classic episodes of all of that And Kenan agent in Paramount +.

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