Juggernaut’s powers are the perfect upgrade for the X-Men’s white queen

    Warning: spoilers ahead Amoral X-Men #3!Emma Frost She’s done pretty well for herself in Hell which is the insane future of Sins of the villainand the crowning jewel of her new empire with which she upgrades herself juggernautpowers. Emma Frost has long been introduced to audiences as the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. Her latest form sees the evil Emma evolve into the Empress of the Red Diamond. Emma’s diamond form was initially developed to give her the durability of brawlers like Colossus, and by gaining the powers of the Juggernaut, she amplifies the concept.

    Emma’s Empire of the Red Diamond is introduced in Amoral X-Men #3 By Kieron Gillen, Alessandro Vitti, Ryan Peredo, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Jordan D. White. Emma reigns over one of the remaining mutant-type galactic factions of the Red Diamond Court, a sparkling crimson gem the size of a small planet. Her new red form is accompanied by the suggestion that she has not only absorbed the Juggernaut’s power, but has become the living jewel of Cyttorak. Able to bestow juggernaut power on anyone she sees fit, Emma is an empress not to be trifled with.

    Emma can conquer the entire universe with Juggernaut powers

    Emma Frost Emerald X-Men #3

    Emma’s transformation into a living gem of Cyttorak is a completely insane upgrade for Sins of the villain timetable. As the Sinister Era enters its thousandth year, all remaining galactic factions race to take control of Mister Sinister’s lost laboratory as they approach the cusp of transcending supremacy. The Tempest Order is well defended, the menace of the relief of Mother Goode is almost complete, and the majority of the ill-fated Pacific Council are caught up in their own quarrels. To remain an interstellar power player, Emma Frost needs additional resources, and being the source of Juggernaut powers is a great addition to her imperial arsenal.

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    The end of the issue highlights the first collision of the final struggle between these last great powers. As the Red Diamond Empire hunts down the evil goon that decimated the Marvel Universe, Empress Emma Frost prepares to collide head-on with Araki’s Storm Order. On top of the Juggernaut’s powers, this imminent battle will apparently see Emma unleash her entire repository of mutant chimeras and futuristic technology. Only time will tell if Cyttorak’s living gem makes Emma Frost as unstoppable as the Juggernaut.

    the Sins of the villain The story has distorted the entire Marvel Universe almost beyond recognition. Even Emma Frost didn’t escape these changes as the White Queen became the Red Empress. Ms. Frost was once the king of the Hellfire Club and the leader of an imperial intergalactic project, and Ms. Frost has a good chance of winning this huge game as she hurtles towards the end. Emma Frost‘s juggernaut Upgrading power may be a major stepping stone in this final battle.

    Amoral X-Men #3 Available now from Marvel Comics.

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