John Wick 4 stars as Keanu Reeves’ friend and foe

    John Wick: Chapter 4 is a massive action epic that allowed its titular character some breathing space and a sizable supporting cast after a breathless two-week stint of the initial trilogy. Time passed, Jon recovered, and a veritable abundance of friends and foes (mostly) emerged, not to mention the entire skeletal system of the High Table itself. the fourth John Wick It’s nearly three hours long, and you need every minute to honor these unique new additions.

    Two very interesting new characters are The Tracker (played by Shamir Anderson) and Koji Shimazu (played by Hiroyuki Sanada), which is surprisingly complex for the type of movement. One is a loyal friend who has been asked to let his entire life fall apart for the sake of John Wick, while the other is a mysterious foe who reconsiders his purpose along the way. They’re given plenty of space to explore their characters, along with plenty of time to flex their muscles in some of the best action scenes in the movie. Anderson and Sanada spoke with MovieWeb about John Wick: Chapter 4And their characters and the franchise as a whole.

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    Hiroyuki Sanada goes from John Wick’s enemy to friend

    Hiroyuki Sanada as Shimazu in John Wick 4

    Sanada has been a mainstay in Japanese cinema for decades, but the 20 years have found him working with Hollywood greats in films like Sunshine, Speed ​​RacerwerewolfAnd Mortal KombatAnd Express train. Although they have known each other for much longer, he was involved with Keanu Reeves in the 2013 movie 47 roninand the two develop a great mutual crush and a friendship that blossoms beautifully John Wick: Chapter 4.

    Sanada’s character, Koji Shimazu, is perhaps more emotionally close and undeniably loyal to Wick than any other character in the movie, which makes sense. “I was hoping we could use this alchemy easily. 47 ronin “It took us a long time, over two years, so we were a great team. It’s been 20 years of knowing each other deeply, that’s why it was easy to create with Keanu this time,” said Sanada.

    Shimazu runs the Osaka branch of the Continental Hotel with his daughter, but chooses to side with Wick against the large, malevolent machine known as the High Table, which Wick rails against in the film. This means that he and his entire crew must battle goons and enforcers sent by the High Table, which leads to a long, drawn-out ensemble. It’s a gun battle for some, but for Shimazu and others on his team it’s a symphony of swordplay, a half hour of beautiful ballet.

    Before he played Wake’s ally, Sanada was supposed to play his antagonist in the third movie. At that time, Chad [Stahelski] She called me, read the script and said let’s do this,” Sanada explained. But during training, during self-training, I was injured. I was about to get there, but I had to retire, and then I called Chad — sorry, Chad, sorry, Keanu. I myself was shocked. But Chad remembered me and gave me another chance, so it feels like my revenge. I’m happy to be back.”

    The action becomes a drama as Sanada fights Donnie Yen

    Donnie Yen in John Wick 4

    scenes and cuts John Wick: Chapter 4 is a gigantic maze of action, which means that even if a character is only in one scene, it can last 30 minutes. Such is the case with Sanada, whose performance in the first act is crucial. “For me, the role of Koji Shimazu is very important at the beginning of the movie. So there was a little bit of pressure,” said Sanada. “Of course, I was a fan of one, two, three, and I thought, ‘What’s going on in the four?'” I really enjoyed collaborating with Chad and Keanu.

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    “The most challenging thing was the fight scene between Donnie and me,” Sanada explained, referring to Donnie Yen, a really great performer and totally magnetic actor. Elaine, who is perhaps most famous for the honorary lead in ip man movies but outside of it is incredibly prolific, he has a great little fight scene with Sanada, even though the actors have been trained in various martial arts.

    For legends like Sanada and Yen, excellent action sequences come much easier than most; They’ve had five decades to perfect it. For Sanada, the only pressure and real challenge of an action sequence is making sure it’s a manifestation of the drama and emotions the characters are feeling. Sanada continued, “We have different backgrounds, but we collaborated to put ideas together. Don’t go ‘Showtime!'” That’s part of the drama. Fighting is just the core of it. That was our feeling. Fighting itself isn’t hard, but creating good choreography brings everything back to drama, emotion, and continuity.”

    Shamir Anderson is John Wick’s tracker

    Shamir Anderson as The Tracker in John Wick 4

    From this first act onwards, the film introduces us to The Tracker, a wandering mystery who introduces himself as “Mr. Nobody.” He’s a man on the move, decked out in the kind of “unprotected elegance” worn by the Bowery King (played by Laurence Fishburne) and his intricate network of street-dwellers. Bearded Tracker wants the bounty on Wick’s head, but it’s not big enough to warrant the effort just yet; In a very clever move, help Wick survive long enough for the bounty to grow into something more lucrative for him to claim.

    Like Wick, he has great affection for his dog, which he uses as a collaborator in fights similar to Halle Berry’s character in Episode III. John Wick. The dog, or perhaps “the dog” as an archetype, is one of the many reasons Anderson thinks that John Wick The franchise has become quite huge.

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    I think the cast is a big part of why people love these movies, and of course Lawrence and Keanu are teaming up again. There’s clearly an undercurrent to this relationship from their previous work on matrix. I think some of the most ambitious action sequences in action movie history [is another reason]Anderson said “I also think a puppy — who doesn’t love a dog? Knowing this is his lighthouse, his North Star, why John Wick is basically back for revenge, it’s his puppy. Then in this movie, I’m going to have my own puppy, a Belgian Malinois.” Lovely dog, and a great relationship

    Anderson turns Mr. Nobody into someone

    Shamir Anderson as The Tracker and his dog in John Wick 4

    Anderson plays The Tracker with a tremendous amount of charm and mystery, masking his motives with a deftness of confidence and charisma. His excellent work in Beloved Winona Earp And Invadein particular, seemed to set the stage for this, excelling at the balance a great character should strike at John Wick – A formidable personality that won’t blunt over the bona fide dynamic action.

    Anderson immersed himself in the role, as he was wont to do; The actor is known for serious preparatory work. For example, he nonchalantly told The Hollywood Reporter about the movie City of lies“I worked with a guy named Chico, whom I like a lot, and he’s been around a lot of time, until 16. I also shave my head bald […] I also got tattoos and spent time in jail.” John Wick: Chapter 4 Most of the preparation was intense physical training and choreography, but Anderson has a great deal of emotional intuition about his characters and studies the cracks in their facades. The representative explained:

    The tracker had a lot of interesting things about him. One of them is the notebook that you will see in the movie. I took the notebook home and kind of put my DNA in it, writing, drawing, things like that. I spend a lot of time with dogs. I wasn’t asked, I just wanted to be with them and walk with them. I just wanted to build as much backstory as possible for this trans person who is Mr. Nobody, which is really cool.

    It’s a “really cool” part of an absolutely fantastic ensemble, one of the most extravagant action films in history. From Summit Entertainment, Thunder Road Pictures, and 87Eleven Productions, Lionsgate will be launched John Wick: Chapter 4 On March 24th in theaters where it’s worth seeing.

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