John Owen Lowe and Sian Clifford Interview: Unsettled

    unstableis a new Netflix comedy created by Victor Fresco, Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe, a funny workplace comedy that lives up to the fact that it’s a family affair above all else. Louie and his son John Owen play Ellis and Jackson Dragon, a world-famous biotech CEO and musician son. For a show that stemmed from John Owen Lowe continuing to roast his father on social media, unstable Refreshing is as full of heart as it is of humor.

    In addition to the compelling onscreen relationship between Rob and John Owen Lowe, unstable It features strong performances by an incredibly talented ensemble cast, especially Sian Clifford as Ellis Dragon’s embattled CFO, Anna Bennett. Clifford has excelled in somewhat similar roles in the past; Despite being a foil to the great Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Clifford’s Claire is one of the funniest characters in the series. Fleabag.

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    John Owen Lowe and Sian Clifford spoke to them screen rant About working with Rob, the pressures (or lack thereof) to work on unstableAnd they make fun of the flute players.

    John Owen Lowe and Sean Clifford unstableJohn Owen Lowe and Sian Clifford in Unsettled

    Rant screen: John Owen, your character plays the flute unstable, and there are a lot of jokes about flute players. Of all the instruments in the orchestra, why did you choose to risk upsetting this section?

    John Owen Lowe: Great question. I feel that this may be the only section of the orchestra I can win in a fight against, most likely, the truth. No, we love the flute on set, to be clear to my flute brothers and sisters out there.

    Sian Clifford: This show is a love letter.

    John Owen Lowe: Absolutely right. We just celebrate with the flute. It’s a nice machine, but we all admit it; It’s a little silly to watch it play out under the sponsorship we have on the show. Our co-creator Victor Fresco grew up playing the flute, so I feel he’s entitled to poke fun at it a little bit.

    Sian, I’ve done this kind of thing before FleabagBut what does it feel like to act out the scenes alongside the showrunners? Is this additional pressure or does it make things easier?

    Sian Clifford: My experience with her has been positive in exactly the same way that working with friends has been positive. This means that people bring more to the negotiating table. When you find the creator there you can ask questions, [and even] stupid questions. I like it, personally, because it feels like a more collaborative environment. For me, it’s a wonderful thing.

    John Owen Your character struggles a bit with being in his father’s shadow. While the show was coming together and being developed, did you have conversations with your dad about your experience being the son of someone who was grounded your whole life?

    John Owen Lowe: I’ve had a lot of conversations about this with my therapist; I don’t know how long I had with my parents. The truth is, I’ve had 27 years to navigate so far. While I haven’t figured out how to do it perfectly, I think this show was a reflection of how tumultuous that journey was, but also how rewarding it was at times. And my dad was very supportive all the way, at least as supportive as he could be.

    Sian, you’re so good at being such a fun character for these really big characters. Is there something about this type of role that appeals to you as an actor?

    Sian Clifford: I think because actually, it’s less pressure, but you get to have all the fun. I just love when you have a dynamic where you have a lot to play with and bounce around, especially if you’re up against someone like Rob Lowe, who’s very experienced. You can’t help but have a great time and feel inspired and educated as all this is going on.

    about uneasy

    Rob Lowe touches his son's face in an unstable state

    Ellis Dragon is a globally admired biotech entrepreneur, eccentric, and narcissistic neighbor working to make the world a better place. He is also in an emotional downfall. His son, Jackson Dragon… none of those things. Can Jackson save Ellis and company and save their estranged relationship while also doing what might in fact be impossible: escaping his father’s larger-than-life shadow?

    For more, check out our interview with Rob Lowe.

    unstable Streaming now on Netflix.

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