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    gold yarn He tells the almost impossible-to-believe story of Neil Bogart and the creation of Casablanca Records. Bogart has worked with and been discovered by some of the biggest names in music, including Donna Summer, Bill Withers, Gladys Knight, and KISS. Bogart had a turbulent personal and professional life, making big bets that often got him into trouble, but he would eventually pay off by creating one of the most successful independent record labels around.

    The film was written and directed by Tim Bogart, son of Neil Bogart. gold yarn Stars: Jeremy Jordan, Jay Pharoah, Michelle Monaghan, Dan Fogler, Lindsay Fonseca, and Peyton List. gold yarn Also features a star-studded list of musical appearances with Jason Derulo as Ron Isley, Ledisi as Gladys Knight, Pink Sweats as Bill Withers, Casey Likes as Gene Simmons, Alex Gaskarth as Peter Criss, and Sam Harris in as Paul Stanley, and Tayla Parx as Donna Summer.

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    screen rant Talk to Jeremy Jordan about playing Neil Bogart gold yarn. Jordan discussed his research process and how he incorporated elements from Neil Tim’s son, gold yarn Writer and director in his performance. He also revealed his favorite musical performances in the movie, and the album everyone should have in their vinyl collection.

    Jeremy Jordan on Spinning Gold

    Jeremy Jordan as Neil Bogart in Spinning Gold
    Jeremy Jordan in Spinning Gold

    Screen Rant: Jeremy, great job on this movie. What was it like working with Neil Bogart’s family and also telling the more challenging side of him?

    Jeremy Jordan: It was really cool. I was really lucky to have access to people who know him well. And there [were] Pages and pages of their interviews with other people in the industry. And so I read these, and we did interviews and all kinds of things to delve into. But what was really cool, especially working with Tim [Bogart]The one I’ve worked so closely with, who’s the writer-director, is that when we started working together, I could feel all the little things his dad brought up on him.

    And I started putting a little Tim into my explanation for his dad, because he was like, “Oh, I get this now, I can see that I can see it in you.” And so it was really fun to find that little perfect blend of his personality, with his drawing of getting into the business with his family.

    Can you talk to me about your approach to playing a real person, and how is that different than playing a fictional character?

    Jeremy Jordan: This was a little bit different, because I played real people before this guy died in the ’80s. Not many people knew him and the people who knew him weren’t gone or much older. And there are not a lot of videos. So what I could find and really dig into, but the thing that really impressed Tim was that I had some of his innate qualities in me, as a performer.

    And it really encouraged me to go with my gut and go with my gut. They often let me handle it. And it was really exciting, because I felt like I was creating a character at the same time as honoring the essence of who this guy was.

    What was the story of Neil Bogart that spoke to you as an actor and singer?

    Jeremy Jordan: Neil really wanted to be an artist. This was his passion and it never worked out and he found his way behind the scenes and became incredibly successful in that regard. The fact that we kind of end his journey, with his dream of being in the spotlight, while he never really made it out there, I think is really beautiful. And in terms of playing such an iconic character, it was really exciting to delve into the gritty stuff, but also, the fact that he could take on anyone at any moment in anything intrinsically so.

    He just had this stubborn personality that attracted people. More often than not, it didn’t work out and pissed off a lot of people which is interesting. I’ve talked to people in real life who knew him and he was the kind of guy you used to love to hate because he was so indelible, but he gambled pretty big. drink a lot. smoke a lot. He did a lot of drugs.

    There are so many amazing musical performances in this one. Which one has emerged as your favourite?

    Jeremy Jordan: Give me Ledsie all day every day. I’m rooting for the incredible crazy gospel sound. Jason singing “It’s Your Thing” was really cool because he just walked into the room and did it all live. There was supposed to be a big concert they were going to cut to get him, but they didn’t because what he did in the small recording studio scene was so magnetic and cool that they just let that go.

    amazing! What’s the one record everyone should have in their vinyl collection?

    Jeremy Jordan: The first thing that comes to mind that has nothing to do with the movie is Carole King. It’s my favorite record. Her first solo record she put out.

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    Ledisi and Jeremy Jordan in Spinning Gold
    Ledisi and Jeremy Jordan in Spinning Gold

    Spinning Gold tells the story of Neil Bogart through his challenging personal and professional life that led to the founding of Casablanca Records. Bogart has helped some of the biggest names in music including KISS, Donna Summer, Gladys Knight, and the Isley Brothers rise to greater heights.

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    gold yarn Now playing in theatres.

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