James Gunn Responds to Logan Lerman’s DC Universe Superman Casting Rumor

    James Gunn Responds To Rumors About Casting Logan Lerman As Superman for DC Universe. As the DCEU draws to a close, DC Studios is working on a new DC Universe. Together, Gunn and Peter Safran serve as CEOs and leaders of the new franchise. In late January, the duo presented several of their first chapter projects, “Gods and Monsters,” among them Gunn’s Project Superman: Legacy.

    As usual with superhero movie representation, rumors have surfaced recently about who will be the next Superman. This time, Lermen was said to be dressed as the next Man of Steel. It didn’t take long goblin to debunk the rumor, explaining that the transmission had not started Superman: Legacy. goblin He also indicated that he did not know who Lerman was.

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    Everything we know about James Gunn’s Superman reboot

    James Gunn DC Superman movie

    Superman: Legacy It will take inspiration from the famous Grant Morrison story, All-star Superman. It wouldn’t be an adaptation where Gunn focuses on a younger Clark Kent. This is one of the main reasons why Henry Cavill will not return. Regarding the new movie’s cast, Gunn previously stated that there isn’t even a director for the reboot.

    DC Studios has branded a reboot to focus on “Superman’s journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage.” The reboot explores Superman as “The embodiment of truth, justice, and the American way.” Although it’s a reboot, Superman: Legacy It wouldn’t be an origin story. This version of Superman will reportedly be in his twenties and already knows several major DC characters.

    At this point, it wouldn’t be shocking if a new Superman was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. Even coming from Gunn and DC studios, any rumor should be taken with a large grain of salt if not dismissed outright. Gunn has debunked multiple rumors before and will no doubt continue to do so whenever it happens. Hopefully it won’t be long until something works out Superman: Legacy News for Gunn to announce.

    source: James Gunn/Twitter

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