James Cromwell helps save a “real life babe” from being slaughtered

    the actor James Cromwell I stepped in to help save a little pig in time for Easter. the Succession The star, who is also an honorary member of PETA’s board of directors, is working with the animal rights organization to help secure a new home at the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary for a piglet that fell out of a truck. He was on his way to a facility where he would be fattened for slaughter, but now, he would instead live a much longer life after getting this second chance. Fittingly, the piglet was named Pip, which suited him, as Cromwell played farmer Huggett in the hit film lusciousa role that inspired him to become a vegetarian in real life.

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    Video footage of the Zoom meeting between Baby Babe and Cromwell has also been released. While talking to the young animal, Cromwell is reminded of the pig of the same name he once knew, and is clearly referring to the film. It is life that imitates art in a particularly gratifying way. Cuddling the piglet in a blanket, he fights off sleep as Cromwell calmly tells him how he will soon be mingled with other “wonderful animals”.

    “I understand your name is Pip… I knew a pig named Pip,” Cromwell says to the little pig. “What a clever little pig…but you too!”

    The actor continued, “Nobody should ever eat any animal. Invite animals to dinner, that’s what I say. So, we’ll go to a sanctuary, and you’ll meet many other wonderful animals. I look forward to meeting you and all the other animals, and I’ll see you there.”

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    Starring in Babe Forever Changed James Cromwell’s Life

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    I had the pleasure of watching and testing the pigs’ intelligence and inquisitive personalities while shooting the movie luscious“I took the opportunity to give a real babe a new lease on life,” Cromwell also said in a statement. Every pig deserves to live out its life in a sanctuary, choosing when to frolic, where to forage, and how to spend their time.”

    PETA hopes this story will help spread awareness about “the horrors of the meat industry and the importance of making compassionate choices.” While the real-life babe got extremely lucky, the same cannot be said for the millions of other animals that are slaughtered for food each year. PETA estimates that by following Cromwell’s approach to vegetarianism, one person could save the lives of nearly 200 animals annually.

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