Is Only the Brave a true story?

    Only the brave It was a 2017 drama directed by director Joseph Kosinski and starring Josh Brolin, Miles Teller, and Jennifer Connelly. The film is based on the GQ article “No Exit” by Sean Flynn about the Yarnell Hill fires of 2013 and the Granite Mountain Hotshots, a group of firefighters who fought the fire and lost their lives. The movie got positive reviews but unfortunately it was a box office bomb.

    Story of the Only the brave It looks like a massive Hollywood epic, but the movie is based on a real tragedy. The Yarnell Fire is the sixth deadliest American fire disaster in history, and was the largest loss of life for firefighters since the September 11 attacks. What the audience may not know is the full story that the film tells, which was a criticism directed at the film by the family members of the firefighters. This is a whole story about Only the brave.

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    Yes, Only the Brave is based on true tragedy

    Only Brave Review: A Story of Heartbreaking Courage
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    Only the brave It is based on a true story. The story is about the true tragedy of the Yarnell Hill Fires. The Yarnell Hill Fire started on June 28, 2013, and was started by dry lightning. A combination of sudden shifts in weather patterns, 100-plus-degree temperatures, and drought intensified the flames. In just two days, the fire went from 300 shooters to more than 2,000 shooters. Containment of the fire began by 2 July and it was declared 100% contained by 10 July, 13 days after the fire started. Only the brave Focuses on the Granite Mountain Hot Shots firefighters, where nineteen of the twenty crew members died in combat on June 30, 2013.

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    Granite Mountain Hot Shots was formed in 2002 within the Prescott Volunteer Fire Department. They were trained under Eric Marsh, who was played by Josh Brolin in the movie. A hot firefighter who uses fire instead of using water to fight fires. Hotspots contain wildfires using fire to burn a line across a raging inferno fuel path. These controlled burns create a line of control that the advancing fire cannot cross. In 2008 the Granite Mountain Hotshots got their own firehouse and became Crew 7 and helped fight many fires in the areas. They were active for five years before they tragically lost their lives.

    Names of firefighters who lost their lives

    Only the Brave Hotshots
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    Only the brave It honors all 20 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots. Of the twenty men, only one survived and that was Brendan McDonough who was played in the title role by Miles Teller. The other central character of the movie is Eric March played by Josh Brolin. While these two are the film’s central characters, the movie still tries to take the time and focus on each member of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and features actors like Taylor Kitsch, Ben Hardy, and James Badge Dale in those roles. However, the demands of a two-hour movie mean that not everyone will get equal screen time and a lot of focus falls on Brendan McDonough and Eric Marsh. In fact, each member of the Granite Mountain Hotshots will likely have a story to tell, and the filmmakers chose these two characters as the central point of view.

    The 19 firefighters who lost their lives were: Andrew Ashcraft, 29; Anthony Rose, 23; Christopher McKenzie, 30; Clayton Whitted, 28; Dustin Difford, 24; Garrett Zubiger, 27; Grant Mackey, 21; Jesse Stead, 36; Joe Thurston, 32; John Bersin Jr., 24; Kevin Wojciech, 21; Eric Marsh, 43; Robert Caldwell, 23; Scott Norris, 28; Sean Meisner, 26; Travis Carter, 31; Travis Turbeville, 27; Wade Parker, 22; and William “Billy” Warnke, 25.

    Some embellishments for dramatic effect

    Miles Teller in Only the Brave
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    Like any movie based on true events, there will likely be some exaggerations for dramatic effect because life doesn’t play out like a movie. Sometimes the writer needs to add elements to try and give the story a thematic center that real life may not always provide. creators of Only the brave Do a great job of honoring and respecting the legacy of those who lost their lives, yet the movie does make some subtle changes to the drama.

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    Akbar being in the midst of conflicts between the characters. The first act of the movie sees several arguments between Brendan McDonough and Fire Chief Eric Marsh, which by all accounts made up for the movie to add some conflict. The film shows the family of those who went missing discovering their loved ones had died when Brendan McDonough was the only one to return, but in real life, they heard through the media.

    Legacy Granite Mountain Hot Shots

    Only spunky yarnell hot shots
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    The impact of the loss of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots on the community cannot be underestimated. Various public statements were made acknowledging the tragedy with President Barack Obama issuing an official statement on July 1, 2013, honoring the firefighters. Flags in Arizona were flown at half mast until July 19.

    On July 2, a public memorial was held at the indoor stadium in Prescott Valley, Arizona where Brendan McDonough was in attendance as well as Vice President Joe Biden and representatives from over 100 teams from across the country. On November 16, 2016, Granite Mountain Hotshot Memorial Park opened to the public. Apart from the park, none of these direct effects are shown Only the brave Its main focus is on the fire and the lives of the Hotshot crew on the day of the accident.

    Only the brave It opened in theaters on October 20, 2017. This was four years after the events of the film and while the film received positive reviews, it was an opening box office disappointment finishing in fifth place in its opening weekend with $6 million. It grossed $18 million domestically and $26 million worldwide against a budget of $38 million. Like movies like She said And World Trade Center, these were films that were about the story of real-life tragedies that were somehow delayed to capitalize on that emotionality, but also may have come up too early for the tragic events. The movie got positive reviews from critics and now the story, if only the partial one, can live on for the public to see, thus the names of these firefighters are never forgotten.

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