India Matchmaking Season 3 Cast: Where Are They Now?

    Indian matchmaking It returned for Season 3 in April, and there are facts to share about the cast members’ performances now. Indian matchmaking Matchmaker Sima Taparia is shown helping clients from all over the world. In the age of dating apps, she’s been helping them as they go down a different path, navigating the arranged marriage process. While Cima may charge exorbitant fees to help her single clients find the best matches, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the stars of the show will end up together.

    Seema may not have the best success rate for the Smriti Mundhra show he created, Indian matchmakingHowever, she claims to have received thousands of phone calls every day after the series was released. Sima advises her clients, both educated and modern, to make compromises, while doling out one classic line. She is a major reason for the series’ success, and perhaps Sima will become richer thanks to her high-society clients. There’s a lot of interest in what she does, including the fate of the cast members shown in season 3.

    Indian viral matchmaking star Joshi

    Viral, a 30-year-old “girl boss” from North Carolina, instantly hit it off with 37-year-old ophthalmologist Ashai Shah during their first appointment. They went rock climbing together. Cima finally delivered a match that looked solid. At the beginning Indian matchmaking In the third season, Viral and Aashay were still together. Aashai took Viral to India, and presented her with a bracelet worth Rs 20 lakh, but the couple never got engaged or married. According to Viral’s Instagram, she is still dating Ashay. She is also busy with her career as an influencer. Viral shoots Cameo videos, attends premieres for Netflix, and reviews books. On Instagram, I tried on products launched by Millie Bobby Brown.

    Indian matchmaker ashay shah

    Asshai, a resident of the Big Apple, came to the United States when he was 12 years old. His shoulder tattoos and level of physique win over Viral, who begins to envision a future with Aashay Indian matchmaking also. In the third season, the couple meet Ashhai’s parents in Vadodara, who give their blessings for the marriage of Ashhai and Viral. Now, unless they’ve saved their wedding for a new season, the couple has yet to reveal their relationship status on IG. Meanwhile, with over 7,000 followers, Ashay calls himself a fashion blogger. Standing in Sabyasachi stores, he has been invited to dine with Bollywood’s biggest stars, like Akshay Kumar and Nora Fatehi.

    India Matchmaking star Aarti Lalvani

    Like viral and ashi from Indian matchmakingArti was not lucky when it came to finding a match, and seemed to blame Sima Aunty. Disappointed at not feeling an immediate connection with the two men that Seema proposed, Aarti takes matters into her own hands. She decides to date Jamal Ahmed, whom she met on a dating app. Jamal proposed to Aarti within a few months, and she was not sure that her family would accept a Pakistani Muslim man as her husband. Arti and Jamal are still going strong, according to their Instagram pages. “You can have it all, never settle,” she posted recently, while throwing shade at Seema on her Instagram Stories.

    Indian matchmaking star Rushali Rai

    A successful model from India, Rushali V Indian matchmaking Back in 2020, when I met potential Season 1 match Pradhyuman Maloo. Unimpressed by Pradyuman’s vain personality, Rushali insists that Seema finds a fit that will allow her to be closer to her parents, even after marriage. She hoped to find a poet too. None of Seema’s proposed matches with Rushali are successful. So she decided to look inside and find out what was keeping her from finding the right man. In the year 2023, it is not clear if “Mama’s Girl” Rushali is dating anyone. However, she encourages others to love themselves after her real-life period.

    Indian matchmaking star Priya Ashra

    Indian matchmaking Seema’s first client in London, Priya, was not easy to please due to her many demands. The apothecary and private chef wanted a mane with a top knot, because she felt her hair was a bit too much. After Seema provides “biological data” to a bald man, the man, Bobby Seagull, is “friended” by Priya. I finally found a local counselor called Vimal (Vim Kansara), and they got in touch right away. Vim is nowhere to be seen on Priya’s Instagram, but in September 2022, she posted a throwback. She remembered sipping a Mezcal from Oaxaca, a place she and Wim bonded with on the show.

    Source: Aarti Lalwani / Instagram

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