Incredible movies based on true stories

    Movies based on a true story have this magical touch because they remind us that amazing events don’t have to be just the work of fiction. They are very real, they can often inspire you and stimulate the spirit immeasurably.

    Here is an incredible list of movies based on a true story for when you need inspiration.

    8 The Transferees

    The Transferees

    The Transferees It is based on the true story of Frenchman Philippe Bourgeau and French-Algerian caregiver Abdelsilou. Philip is an intellectual who loved life, however, he had a paragliding accident that left him a quadriplegic. Apart from that, the death of his wife killed something in him. Now he must live a tasteless life, but when Driss enters his life, a man who could care less about owning a caregiver position, both characters form a friendship full of honesty and flavorful moments.

    The Transferees is an inspiring story of connection, opening up to the world again, and friendship. It shows us how two people from two completely different worlds can understand each other on a deep level and be what each other needs. You will immerse yourself in a sensitive film about rich and poor, about humor, sadness and resignation. It is also coupled with a beautiful score that highlights the humanity of the story.

    7 Lion

    Lion movie
    Transmission movies

    Lion It is an accurate movie based on the story Long way home It was written by Saroo Brierley, who has been through an incredible journey. At just the age of five, Saroo has been waiting for his brother at a train station in India until they go home together, however, when his brother never returns, he takes a train, which leads him somewhere far from home. Far from home, disoriented, and facing adversity, Saroo is eventually adopted by an Australian couple who take good care of him. However, as time went on, his past haunted him, and he couldn’t stop thinking about his family. Determined, Saroo sets out on a journey in an effort to find his origins and reunite with his family.

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    The movie is a captivating journey that will blow your mind from start to finish. It is layered with a range of emotions, decisions, places, and people that will undoubtedly make you feel something. Moreover, they are so well woven together, from acting, to cinematography, to directing and to the soundtrack, Lion It is a movie that leaves its mark.

    6 Seven years in Tibet

    Seven years in Tibet
    Sony Pictures launch

    Seven years in Tibet It is based on the epic true story of Austrian climber Heinrich Harrer, who set out to climb Nanga Parbat with 11 other climbers as a way to honor his country. However, his journey was set in motion when World War II broke out and his team was arrested by British officials.

    Undefeated and determined to flee, however, Heinrich and Peter of Offshniter manage to escape after several failed attempts, eventually reaching Tibet in disguise, a no-go land for foreigners. They are surprisingly welcome and provided with food and shelter. The Dalai Lama befriends Heinrich, and they form a budding and inspiring friendship as Heinrich teaches the young leader about the world, in terms of geography, science, and mathematics, and the Dalai Lama naturally impresses him with his curiosity, tolerance, patience, and kindness.

    Seven years in Tibet It is a journey of expansion, wonder, adventure, and character development. It is a multi-layered, eye-opening film about different cultures, complex characters, and redemption. Along with its captivating concept, it is fueled by breathtaking visuals.

    5 Mavericks chase

    Mavericks chase
    Twentieth Century Fox

    Mavericks chase Based on the thriller by surfer Jay Moriarty. When he discovers that one of the biggest waves on earth lies within miles of his home in Santa Cruz, he vows to learn how to survive and enjoy riding it. To do so, he enlists the help of accomplished local surfer Frosty Hesson who helps him train to achieve his goal. As they set out to achieve this common goal, they discover a lot about themselves, about what matters to them in life, and they do it wholeheartedly.

    It is a story of love, fear, loss and freedom that will make you feel truly alive. Aside from the mesmerizing and stunning cinematography of beautiful big blue waves, Gerard Butler and Johnny Weston had commendable chemistry that made the story all the more realistic. The film was particularly inspiring to surfers, with many stating that it accurately depicted the Santa Cruz surfing scene and action.

    4 the only survivor

    the only survivor
    Universal Pictures

    the only survivor Biographical war film based on a book written by Mark Luttrell and Patrick Robinson. The film takes place during the war in Afghanistan, where a team of the US Navy is sent to capture the leader of the Taliban, Ahmad Shah. However, when their mission proves unsuccessful due to tracking down Taliban fighters, the SEALs begin to capture them one by one, save for one. The US Navy faces fierce battles that reflect the harsh reality of the soldiers who have to fight.

    It is a token of courage and a strong will to survive despite all the obstacles and hardships. There are intense fights that make this movie full of action packed with great action sequences. The cinematography and sound mixing are also impressively presented. Wylie Statement was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing while Andy Koyama, Beau Borders and David Brownlow were nominated for Best Sound Mixing. These nominations say a lot about the powerful impact that film sound has had on audiences. Likewise, Mark Wahlberg was particularly praised for his role in the film as Marcus Luttrell.

    3 Bad Man

    Bad Man
    Sony Pictures launch

    Bad Man is the story of underappreciated Indian activist Arunachalam Muruganantham, who set out to create sanitary pads for rural women who use leaves and unsanitary rags during their period. When Akshay, who is deeply in love with his wife Gayatri, finds out in the early months of their marriage how uncomfortable it is to not have sanitary pads and how expensive it is to buy one, he decides to defy all odds to create a pad for women with his low cost sanitary napkin machine when it was the only machine known in the country. That time worth millions.

    Although his dream seems impossible, he is challenged and even more inspired to come up with a solution that will benefit the women he so desperately desires to protect him from any harm. The film highlights the stigma that exists in some places around menstrual hygiene and the lack of education on the subject. The film’s bold subject matter, especially for Indian families, makes it an important film with a salient message.

    2 bathers


    bathers It tells the story of the Mardini sisters, who put their lives on the line to save a sinking dinghy overcrowded with 18 refugees on board. Trying to escape the Syrian war in hopes of making it to Germany to participate in the Rio Olympics as swimmers, they have to go on a very dangerous journey. The Mardini sisters had traveled to Turkey and had taken the dinghy from there hoping to reach Greece, and that’s when the scary accident happened.

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    Yosra, the younger sister is jumping into the open water when it gets too real, her sister Sarah joins in, and they go on skips for what feels like forever. Fortunately, all the refugees survive, but the journey does not end there as they have to continue their struggle to reach Berlin which seems like an impossible task.

    bathers It is an open letter to humanity and an open look at the refugee crisis and the sad reality that individuals have to go through just to survive and accept something they were never part of but for which they have to pay a terrible price. It is a powerful dream about how easy it will be to bury dreams if safety, shelter and society are taken away from them. Yet the film also delightfully depicts the ways in which the Mardinis commit to each other and themselves as they discover and rewrite a new life for themselves.

    1 Orca Lighthouse

    Orca Lighthouse
    Wanda movies

    Orca Lighthouse It tells the fascinating true story of an autistic child, Tristan who appears to be calmed by orcas. When the mother, Lola, sees her son reacting aggressively to the orcas he sees on TV, she makes it her mission to take him to Patagonia so he can see and interact with them in real life. She seeks help from Beto, a park ranger and a man who speaks fluently to orcas and has a unique connection with them. Reluctant to help at first for fear of putting Tristan in danger, he gives in to the idea and becomes wholeheartedly invested in it bit by bit.

    Orca Lighthouse It is a unique and artistic film that gracefully captures autism, parental love and fear as well as healing through animals which makes this film truly poignant.

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