How Zach Shallcross did Nicky Gabe dirty on The Bachelor

    BSC Season 27 finally ended, though Zach Shallcross didn’t make the best of decisions during the finale, because he was reckless about Gabi Elnicki’s feelings. Gabby was one of the last two women in Zack, along with Texas native Katie Biggar. Both women had the chance to meet Zack’s parents and two sisters, and they also had one last date with Zack before the day of the proposal. Zack eventually decided Kaity was a perfect match for him, and the two became engaged, with Gabe returning home heartbroken.

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    BSC Nicky Gaby had doubts about her relationship with Zack throughout the final, and even admitted that she had a preconceived notion that he wouldn’t choose her. Gabe explained these concerns to Zack on numerous occasions, constantly reassuring her that she had nothing to worry about. However, Zack ended up failing to keep that promise, as Gabby’s worst fears were finally realized when he broke up with her. Zach didn’t treat Gabe fairly at the end of the season, and he taunted the Vermont native in a number of ways.

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    Groom Zack lied to Gabi about not making up his mind

    The Bachelor season 27 lead Zack Shallcross Ariel Kitty and Gabi

    Zack consoled Gabi by reassuring her that he did not know which woman he would choose during the deadline, however, this was later proven to be a lie. During Zack’s proposition to Katie, he admits that he knew she was his character, making it clear that he had been planning to break up with Gabi for some time. Gabe constantly worried about being Zack’s second choice, and unfortunately he ended up being right. Zack had to let Gabi go when he realized she wasn’t the right one for him, instead of dragging her to eventually break her heart.

    Bachelor Zack did not respect Gabi’s wishes during their breakup

    Zack made matters worse when he refused to honor Gabi’s wishes during their difficult separation. Once Gaby realized Zack intended to break up with her, she told him he didn’t have to say she was his second choice. However, Zach continued to speak, despite Gabe telling him to stop several times. Zack then proceeded to run after Gabby, while it was clear that she was trying to escape the situation. Gabe was embarrassed by everything that was going on, and Zach made things more difficult by behaving the way he did.

    Zack broke Gabe’s heart during BSC Season 27 finale, and made the situation worse by sticking with Gabi until the last minute. Zach clearly knew he was going to choose Kaity over Gabi for a while, as he told Kaity that he knew she’d been hers for a while after he proposed. Furthermore, Zack did not adhere to Gabi’s wishes for space during their breakup, insisting on explaining his reasons to her as she tearfully asked him not to. While Zack was originally lauded as the Major, he shows himself to be very inconsiderate towards the end of the season.

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