How the Super Mario Bros. movie could start the Nintendo Cinematic Universe

    Nintendo has been a name in the gaming world long before everyone’s favorite short Italian plumber even received his own video game Super Mario Bros in 1985. After more than two hundred sequel series, spin-offs, crossovers, and related titles, Mario and his skinny plumber brother Luigi have become household names the world over. The duo have their next movie, the Super Mario Bros moviewhich is likely to be produced by the soon-to-be Nintendo Studios if successful post-release.

    If this happens, fans have been speculating and hoping for the birth of the Nintendo Cinematic Universe (NCU), which could be a strong competitor that could lift Marvel’s monopoly on the silver screen and push DC down before it becomes another competitor, and usher in a golden age of game adaptations. the video.

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    Mario and Luigi might just be simple plumbers trying to save Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser’s invasion Mario, but if this single project is met with half the success of Nintendo games, the homonymous MCU and upcoming DCU will have a new nemesis for eventual domination of the silver screen. Nintendo has a large and long-standing fan base with a deeply eclectic video game catalog that rivals Marvel’s and DC comic catalogs. So let’s take a look at how Nintendo is now getting a chance to move into the movie market in a big way the Super Mario Bros movie.

    Nintendo movies have worked before

    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu Comic Book Com 1207275
    Character book

    While both are not original Nintendo games, Pokemon And My voice It’s been a huge hit in video games for decades, with several series and movie adaptations in recent years. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu And Sonic the hedgehog Both were critical successes in theaters and later, leading to sequels and many, many other games. while the original Super Mario Bros Not quite as successful as Nintendo would have liked it to be, the movie was the first video game film and paved the way for these successes.

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    Fans would love to see every Nintendo game modified


    Super Mario Bros movie He’s already hinted at a shared Nintendo universe by including some of Nintendo’s other Mario brothers-related franchises in the movie, such as Donkey Kong And Luigi’s PalaceAnd fans are happy to see that. But fans will be even more excited to see their other favorite franchises hit the big screen. from Metroid And The Legend of Zelda to Kirby And pac manNintendo has a large and deep track record of games for film adaptations with a fan base that is committed to watching them. And with a slew of games for every franchise over the decades, Nintendo will never run out of stories to adapt, and may well create new stories for the hypothetical NCU.

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    The NCU has an advantage over the MCU and DCU

    How to make a Super Smash Bros. movie according to the detective pikachu book

    And of course, as with all cinematic universes, there must be a massive, massive crossover finale, and Nintendo Super Smash Bros It would serve nicely and comfortably as a Marvel equivalent The Avengers and DC Justice League. a Smash Bros Film can even rival the amazing global cultural phenomenon of the last decade game over. Super Mario Bros movie He could put it if not in context, but in spirit. The titles are very similar indeed, Super Mario Bros And Super Smash Brosthere is a difference in only one word, and it seems that maybe Mario It can effectively fulfill the role played by Marvel Iron Man It initially did in kick-off the MCU and became the foundational film that defined the entire cinematic universe in the decade leading up to game over. well can Mario It became the founding constant of the NCU.

    Super Mario Bros could easily lead to Super Smash Bros, which could be the next global cultural event and wipe out both Marvel and DC forever. Also, Nintendo has a clear advantage that puts it above its comic book opponents: freedom. Marvel’s MCU suffers because of its interconnection model, which initially made it very successful but was plagued by complexity and fatigue after game over, and DC could never figure out how to weave such interconnected universes together in the first place. Nintendo, on the other hand, could take advantage of a connected world, where it could simply pick up an entire catalog of characters and drop them onto the battlefield in a giant battle for supremacy in the game. Smash Bros They eventually join forces against Master Hand, but then return to their own universes and go in their own directions without getting stuck by having to support other characters. This will be the final climax, but not the end of the story for all of the individual characters as they continue their separate franchises, meaning Nintendo can do what Marvel and DC can’t while remaining free.

    While there isn’t a Nintendo Cinematic Universe yet, it very much could and most likely will happen, but only if Super Mario Bros movie It succeeds at the box office, and if it succeeds, fans can hope that many more Nintendo heroes will appear on the silver screen in the future.

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