How real was the movie?

    2016 war dogs The movie was based on real events, however The real story was different from what was shown in the movie. in the middle war dogsTrue story, real-life protagonists Ephraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill) and David Packouz (Miles Teller) are low-key arms dealers who manage to win a $300 million Pentagon contract to arm American allies in Afghanistan. The premise alone makes it hard to believe that War Dogs is a true story, but while there are some embellishments, there is a lot of truth in this bizarre story.

    Todd Phillips has a lot of fun embracing the weirdness of this crime story. Ephraim and David’s contract means that they are responsible for arming US allies in Afghanistan. When things go awry, the two embark on a wild adventure in which they meddle with corrupt politicians and volatile arms dealers for extra profit. war dogsIt seems hard to believe the true story inspiration. However, while war dogs It exaggerates some elements to make them more suitable for cinematic retelling, the basic story is faithful to reality.

    What does the movie get right about the true story of the Dogs of War

    War Dogs - Jonah Hill and Miles Teller

    There are a lot of things war dogs gets it right. The story was first covered by Rolling Stonewhich gave a detailed report of the events. Jay Lawson’s article was later expanded into a book, Weapons and men, which laid the foundations for the biography of Phillips. Together with co-creators Stephen Chen and Jason Smilowicz, Phillips manages to provide a fairly accurate depiction of events. The backstories that David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli are very true to life. Backouz was a massage therapist before he met his former high school boyfriend, and he also went on to sell sheets he bought from textile companies abroad.

    Meanwhile, Diveroli was shipped off to Los Angeles midway through high school where he sold guns with his uncle – and learned about the gun business, before partnering with Packouz to do it on a bigger level. Ephraim went on to become a millionaire at the age of 18, using his experience to bid on larger companies for smaller, disposable deals. How he got his insights into the trade and then used it all is true – right down to the website the Department of Defense used to post arms contracts for auction. Diveroli’s life was harrowing war dogs A movie thanks to the conviction of Jonah Hill’s performance.

    Beyond Packouz and Diveroli’s Lives war dogsThe facts surrounding government involvement in their lives, such as being pressured to level the playing field after scrutiny for awarding no-bid contracts to large firms, were also accurate. Many of the subtleties of the characters and stories were well established. Details like how both spouses got up before a big meeting with the military chiefs are true and add to the absurdity of it all. Even Ana de Armas’ role as Packouz’s friend was based on a real person, though some theorists have suggested she was added to the film in order to create conflict.

    Whatever the dogs of war are made of

    War Dogs (2016) - Bradley Cooper

    while war dogs Correcting the core of its story and characters, some creative liberties were taken to embellish certain things – namely, the drama. This is a common practice in screen adaptations of true crime stories. One notable difference: Diveroli’s gun shooting didn’t happen after the deal fell through, as shown in the movie’s trailer and poster. This is, of course, a moment that shows Diveroli’s obsession with money and power, but he wasn’t so reckless in real life.

    Likewise, none of the actions that occur in war dogs It already happened too. Packouz and Diveroli have found themselves in precarious situations, but mostly from behind a computer screen. Phillips makes his job look far more dangerous than it ever was to get the story going. When the couple went abroad, it was for gun shows and the like. They have never come under fire for transporting weapons and they have never passed through the infamous triangle of death in Iraq either.

    Another notable moment that didn’t really happen was when Packouz was kidnapped by Henri Gerard, played by Bradley Cooper in a supporting role. sequence ends war dogsBut it was all fantasy. Bacchus was not even the important man in Albania (where he is being kidnapped). Cooper Gerrard was also based on a real person who was inspired by Swiss Army trader Henri Tomette. Although Thomet tried to rip them off and was cut off from the big deal shortly thereafter as a result, no kidnapping or torture of any kind took place. It is also said that Ephraim and David are about the same age, which is not true. At the time they met, Ephraim was 19 years old and David 23 years old.

    The True Story of War Dogs: Where Are They Now?

    Ephraim and David at a gun range in War Dogs

    althoug war dogs Packouz and Diveroli are portrayed as best friends, and the pair have severed ties in the years since the arms operation closed. Packouz’s life has changed direction, which is partly due to his recent involvement with Todd Phillips. In fact, Teller and Phillips consulted directly with Packouz for the project. He even visited the site and Miles Teller (via UPI) claims to have had a cameo in the film as a guitar player in a retirement home. Now, Packouz works as a musician and has his own company that sells electronic drum kits. He also travels a lot and is raising a daughter. His days of running around with guns are long gone.

    On the other hand, Ephraim Divroli embraces his past in a different way. He wrote a memoir, Once A Gun Runner, documenting his life, and also sued my producers war dogs For stealing his story without his consent. Notably, both Pacoz and Diveroli avoided long prison sentences. Charged with fraud and conspiracy, Pacoz received only seven months’ house arrest for his cooperation, while Diveroli was sentenced to four years in prison – which he war dogs As accurately photographed. However, where Packouz was more collaborative on the project, Diveroli was anything but.

    Last time Diveroli was seeking damages and cut profits war dogs to make the movie. Apart from this, he has a media company called Incarcerated Entertainment, but most of his time is spent in various legal battles, as the Warner Bros. lawsuit is underway. It’s not the only entity Diveroli faces. He was also dealing with accusations from Packouz and their partner, Ralph Merrill, of booking multimillion-dollar winnings.

    David Packouz and Ephraim Diveroli net worth

    Miles Teller and Jonah Hill in War Dogs.

    No longer having access to hundreds of millions of dollars in contract opportunities, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli are still millionaires. Packouz has an estimated net worth of $2.9 million thanks to his musical activity as well as his involvement in producing war dogs. Oddly enough, there is less certainty regarding Efraim Diveroli’s true net worth, which can range from $15 to $25 million. This data is estimated from the apparent success of the movie “Once a Gun Runner”. In addition to his various business ventures, the discrepancies between these different estimates are likely due to his multiple lawsuits.

    war dogsThe real Packouz and Diveroli are doing very well for themselves, all things considered. This is especially true when you compare the fates of Packouz and Diveroli to other high-profile criminals with mysterious deaths, life sentences, or those still pursued by the authorities. It’s unlikely that Packouz and Diveroli will score multimillion-dollar deals with the government anytime soon, but given how they’re worth about $2.9 and $15 million respectively, these former deals appear to be war dogs They finally play their cards right.

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