How Ollie can become the company you keep most important character

    Warning: Spoilers for The Company You Keep Season 1, Episode 3 ahead.

    Shaylee Mansfield stars in the new ABC drama, the company you keep. The new series revolves around Charlie Nicoletti from Milo Ventimiglia and Emma Hill from Katherine Haina Kim. What starts out as a steamy few days turns into a relationship, but they can’t tell each other the truth. Charlie is a con man, and she works for the CIA. It so happens that he is involved in her current case. the company you keep is also a con, with Nicolettis doing a con in every episode thus far.

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    Shaylee Mansfield is a young actress who first gained recognition for her YouTube videos in which she told Christmas stories using American Sign Language. After that, she made her debut as a homeless girl with a hearing impairment in Disney+ Noel, which received mixed reviews. Shaylee has had a few minor roles since then, including in voice Madagascar: a little wild.

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    Shaylee Mansfield’s ole game brings great awareness of ASL to the company she holds and to television

    Shaylee Mansfield is in an initial role at The Company You Keep

    Not only Shayle Mansfield plays a hard of hearing teenager the company you keepHowever, she also suffers from hearing loss. She plays the daughter of Birdie Nicoletti (Sarah Wayne Callies). Birdie is Milo Ventimiglia (who also played Jess Gilmore Girls) Charlie’s brother. All family members speak to her using American Sign Language. Even Charlie’s friend, Emma Hill, is learning sign language to talk to, too. There are a few ASL pictures on TV so it’s great to see them used so much on this show.

    Ollie came more to the fore in the company you keep Season 1, Episode 3. While the Nicolettis family tries to keep her out of the family business, she wants to be more involved. Her grandfather encouraged her to this by teaching her how to steal purses, which she does with her family. The more the show incorporates it into the story, the more American Sign Language is used.

    Ollie Placing the tracker on Daphne could hint at a larger role in the company she keeps

    Ollie using ASL on the company you maintain

    Birdie keeps a tracker on Ollie to keep her safe, but tells her mother that she is no longer a child. When Birdie looks at the tracking app in Season 1, Episode 3, Ollie appears not to be home, but she informs her mom that she dropped the tracker in the bag of the lady she always talks about. This suggests that Ollie could play a bigger role at Rom Con, the company you keepBecause she helps her family.

    Not that a young teen should be involved in the family con business, but Daphne is a threat to the family. It’s partly the result of a sign wanting revenge and part of Daphne’s own agenda. There’s no telling what Daphne will do if they don’t pay back the money they stole or if they don’t find a way to defeat her. Ollie has already proven how observant she is. And apparently, she’s a pretty good lip reader, too. The tracker slipped into Daphne’s purse without anyone noticing. Daphne also knows sign language, which could get them to meet again now that Ollie is involved.

    More ways the company you keep Ollie can be integrated into the plot, the better. She is a fun character who is not afraid to stand up to her mother. She’s not shy about talking to her Uncle Charlie and his girlfriend about what they’re up to, either. Having her talk to these characters and be part of the story is a great way to display sign language. Her story could affect other young women like her.

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