How I Met Your Father’s Sid and Future Hannah by Showrunners

    Spoilers for How I Met Your Father season 2The future of Sid and Hana How did you meet your father? It is taken up by the show. during the mid-season break, How did you meet your father? It was fairly light on the relationship drama of its main character, Sophie (Hilary Duff), focusing more on finding her biological father. But there are indications of problems ahead for Mr. (Suraj Sharma). He’s complained about the difficulties of a long-term relationship with Hannah (Ashley Reyes) and he’s hit it off with new Taylor (Kaitlin Thompson).

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    talk with TVLineShow creators Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger confirmed that Thompson, with whom they had worked this is uswill be part of How did you meet your father? Cast move forward. But in terms of what Taylor means to Syd and Hannah, the showrunners noted that while they are strong as a couple, they will face some difficulties in the future:

    I think Hannah and Sid are a very strong couple, so it’s not like we’ll be back [in May] And they will be a mess. But we will definitely see them work through the reality of the toll that kind of distance can take.

    Why mister how you met your father’s future is important

    Sophie and Sid Himeff

    Taylor’s introduction is not only a sign of trouble for Sid and Hannah, but it’s also an indication that the couple isn’t quite the end game. It may also be the case that Taylor serves as a bridge to Syd and Sophie’s final destination. The two have had relatively few interactions thus far, compared to Jesse’s (Christopher Lowell) date with Sophie. But, based on the few scenes they’ve had, the potential pairing is already popular with some How did you meet your father? viewers.

    There are even rumors that Sid is supposed to be the titular father which will eventually be revealed at the end of the series. Aptaker and Berger even admit the possibility of Taylor leading to Sid and Hannah, and Berger promises that they “Really interesting stories for them in the back half of the season that I think people will really like. While this isn’t confirmation of any end game, the show may well put the necessary pieces in place.

    How did you meet your father? The second season is a marked improvement over its most recent episode, focusing on group dynamics and the kind of storylines and quirky structures that give sitcoms their personality. It has a strong case for being one of the year’s most improved shows, thanks to some tweaking and refocusing. The excitement of what’s to come, with Taylor or otherwise, only adds to hopes of a renewal of the Hulu show.


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