How Big Brother and Traitors Are Alike (And How They’re Different)

    Aside from having some of the contestants themselves, Big brother And traitors are actually quite similar competing offerings. On the other hand, there are differences in the two shows that make each one unique and interesting to watch. Big brother It has been on the air for over 20 years, while traitors Just wrapped its first season of the US version on streaming service Peacock. traitors It has already been renewed for its second season, while Big brother Season 25 is gearing up this summer.

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    when traitors Season 1 aired for the first time, and it wasn’t clear what to expect from the new reality show. traitors The cast was filled with reality stars and brand-new reality TV stars. The cast included up to the last Big brother Players like Rachel Riley and Cody Calafiori. On their first night living inside the castle together, three players are secretly named traitors. Every night, the traitors gathered together and determined the believers they wanted.killing“,” or disappear, from the game. Prior to this, the cast would meet to vote off one player in the hopes that he was a traitor rather than a loyal one.

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    Big Brother and Traitors each consist of physical rivalries and backstabbing

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    There are two similarities between Big brother And traitors. These similarities are the physical competitions, as well as the constant backstabbing. Although the physical competitions differ between the shows, both are of equal intensity. This is why in the past Big brother players succeed traitors. In addition, both shows also consist of a lot of backstabbing, especially for players who have been called traitors. Similar to how a Big brother The guest must lie in order to succeed, and the traitors have been forced to constantly lie about being loyal in order to get more in the game. In doing so, players in both shows are eventually forced to support some of their closest allies.

    It is more difficult to have allies over traitors than an older brother

    Because of the difference in presentation formats, it is difficult to have allies traitors than it is Big brother. on big brother, All of the HouseGuests are familiar with the basic power knobs. Regardless of any crazy Big brother The twists that may be thrown into the game, the HouseGuests always know who holds the reins each week. This helps players form alliances. on traitors, This is not the case. The primary purpose of the game is to try to find the three players who have the power, also known as “traitors“Because of the constant uncertainty, it makes it very difficult to trust other players traitors than it is Big brother.

    despite of Big brother And traitors The two shows have many similarities, and the two shows have certain aspects that make each one unique. The main similarity is that traitors Hope to be with Big brother is its overall success. With the show already renewed for its second season, it looks as though traitors Already walking in the footsteps Big brother.

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