House passes Child Tax Credit bill, what this mean for Rochester parents

    ROCHESTER N.Y. (WROC) – According to the IRS those who qualify for a child tax credit must have a dependent who is under the age of 17 by the end if the calendar year.

    Local Accountant and CEO of The Tax Experience, Annette Campbell, says as of now parents can receive $1600 per child no matter how much they pay in taxes –but moving forward if the senate passes the bill it would increase in 2024.

    “You would be able to get $1900 refundable and then in 2025 $2000 refundable,” said Campbell.

    New York Senator Samra Brouk says this bill will take the weight off of a lot of parents struggling in the workforce.

    “When you hear about how the government is actually trying to support these working families again these are parents out in the work force trying to get to work every day, trying to make ends meet for them and their families there’s a huge sigh of relief.”

    Local parents we tallked to at MLK Park agree and are hopeful this bill passes in the Senate.

    “The way healthcare and childcare alone costs, I think we deserve a little bit of a break. Kids are expensive,” said Crysta Bosley.

    “It could be school supplies, it could be school clothes, it could be food at home or anything like that. Some kids weren’t fortunate enough to have a good Christmas, so I think it’s very awesome that they are upping the money for the kids,” said Messiah Mitchell.

    Click here for the full list of Child Tax Credit qualifications.

    For tax related questions or help you can connect with Annette Campbell online at The Tax Experience.

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