Hogwarts legacy how to sell unwanted equipment

    In the early stages of progress in Hogwarts LegacyPlayers may reach their inventory space limit very quickly. In order for players to complete the necessary steps to increase their inventory space, players will have to sell their unwanted gear. Not every piece of gear may appeal to players, as progression to bigger and better items will cause old outfits to become outdated in every aspect except for the currency earned from selling these pieces of equipment to various vendors.

    despite of Hogwarts LegacyAn easy-to-understand Transmog system that allows players to transform the look of their gear into any previously owned cosmetics, there are no reasons to keep old items after a certain point unless they have enough inventory space. Instead, players are encouraged to quickly swap and sell their old gear when they factor in the increasing stats of the new gear and the sale prices of other powerful Gears that appear later in the story.

    Hogwarts Legacy Guides: How to Increase Inventory Space

    Where to sell Hogwarts Legacy gear?

    Where to sell hogwarts old merchant token

    Higher level equipment is marked in gold and purple and remains stocked through this vendor for expensive prices that players will likely want to sell older equipment to afford. While there are no options for storing gear outside of a player’s inventory until after they unlock the Requirement Room, the amount of customization associated with newly purchased Transmoging outfits helps prevent hoarding an abundance of gear in place of quest items in Hogwarts Legacy.

    Hogsmeade is one of the easiest places to find a seller; Any of the special icons shown on the map have a seller inside their shop building. There are also many merchants scattered throughout the open world in many places. Any non-playable character Dealer code shown in the image above They can buy old equipment for Galleons, regardless of their profession.

    Accessing the Hogsmeade map becomes much easier when you use a broom in Hogwarts Legacy or the Floo powder networkas both methods are much faster than walking the full distance for any vendor from Hogwarts Castle itself.

    Hogwarts legacy gear sale prices

    Hogwarts Legacy Vendor List with quest item from inventory with equipment description and potential sale price listed

    Since selling gear is simple, players should be aware that different types of gear bring different amounts of galleons. Basically, depending on the rarity, a set of equipment can Bring up to 200 galleons. Here are the amounts Galleons players can expect to sell equipment of various rarities:

    gear type










    When speaking to one of these merchants, go to the top left of the screen, the left tab to buy their goods, such as potions and their ingredients, is open by default, but the icon to the right of it is where players can see their own inventory and the option to sell their equipment. Pieces of equipment have different prices attached to them for sale, which, unfortunately, may be lower than the price at which they were originally purchased if they were purchased from stores in advance. Junk gear Hogwarts Legacy The items that players wish to sell help build their cash towards far more important tools and equipment against the powerful enemies players will inevitably encounter that threaten the Wizarding World.

    Editor’s note: Harry Potter creator JK Rowling has been accused of being transphobic by the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling will earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for transgender people affected by transphobic discussions.

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