Grogu’s past plays a huge role in the latest episode of The Mandalorian

    Episode 3 of The Mandalorian He took a break from the Din Djarin storyline and revisited what seemed like a completely random group of established characters and their new circumstances. The episode focused on Dr. Ben Pershing and his efforts to bring back a cloning program banned by the New Republic to try to use it for good. Alongside him in the ring is Elijah Kane, a former Imperial officer and loyalist to Moth Gideon who enlists Pershing in pursuing his former, now illegal, occupation. Episode 3 is booked by Djarin and Bo Katan Kryze on a journey to the secret Mandalorian to bring the former back to the club.

    The Mandalorian is a very deliberate show, so the Pershing/Kane storyline may tie into the larger plot before Season 3 ends. But with Episode 4 directed by Carl Weathers, “The Foundling,” the series brought us back to Djarin’s present and, more importantly, Grogu’s past. The lovable little green guy has been a mystery to us over the years ever since we met him sticking a finger out of his hovercraft. He just appeared, communicating only in giggles, giggles and assorted adorable sounds. “The Foundling” tells of a past that Grogu himself cannot express in words. Below is a summary of the episode.

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    Warriors in training

    The Mandalorian with his helmet against a yellow sky

    The episode opens with a long shot of a hidden planet beach and dozens of Mandalorian warriors training using explosives, knives, and hand-to-hand combat. They blast into the water and toss each other onto the sand. Of course, it’s a fighting culture, so practice plays a big part. Meanwhile Grogu is idling at the beach in the sand, marveling at what appear to be moving rocks, and is revealed to be a baby crab as soon as the little guy picks one up, likely to feed his enormous appetite.

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    His fun and meal is interrupted by Din Djarin begging him to get up and join the training sessions. Grogu encounters a bastard named Ragnar, who is seen easily defeating his latest opponent in a fighting match. The two square off at a “darts” session, which turn out to be green paintballs. The first to three strikes wins. The bastard scores two quick points, but Grogu uses some agility taught by Luke Skywalker and fires three quick shots to win the match. The defeated foundling runs ashore in a storm, only to be picked up by a huge flying lizard known as the Bird of Prey.

    Several Mandalorians swoop in after the beast, trailing it over water and through winding canyons. However, the jetpack soon runs out of fuel and they fall to the ground below. Instead, Bo Katan Kryze stalks the raptors in her ship, following them all the way to their nest and returning with a map of the location. A rescue party, including Kryze, Djarin, and the boy’s father, fly to the base of the cliff the birds of prey’s nest sits on and set up camp.

    Grogu’s past

    Grogu in The Mandalorian
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    Meanwhile, Armorer shows Grogu the Forge and explains its meaning to Mandalorian culture and its ways. You pound a small piece of Pescar, then put it in the path of a massive piston. Grogu blinks uncomfortably at the machine, and we cut to the Jedi Temple during Order 66. Several Jedi try to hold out a large platoon of clone troop while Grogu looks on from his chariot.

    He hurries to a nearby room where Jedi Killeran Beck is fighting off several attackers and snatches one of their drivers away from the burning temple with Grogu in tow. They soon land at a nearby dock, where the city police fend off the attack of the clones just in time for Beq to take off in their ship with Grogu, quickly hopping off at the speed of light. We are back in the present where the famous light-speed Star Wars stars fade into sparks from the Armorer’s Hammer.

    Creed construction

    Kelleran Beck in The Mandalorian

    Back at the rescue party, Kreese insists that they use stealth to get close to the monster’s house. The party uses their harpoons and cables to climb the side of the cliff to a large nest built of whole logs. A stray Mandalorian helmet appears on the nest wall. As the boy’s father runs toward a heat signature that Darren has detected, three children but still monstrous raptors jump out of the brush, followed by their mother. She makes a gruff sound and coughs up the little Mandalorian in the nest to feed her chicks.

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    After learning of the rescue party, Mother scoops Ragnar up again and flies off, with Darren and company following. They slow the creature down with their spears, entwining the cables in its wings. Garen finishes her off, strangling her and freeing the boy. The raptor falls into the water below and is promptly swallowed by the crocodile-like creature that attacked the lair in the first episode of the season.

    The rescue team returns home, and a surprise with them; Three new “foundlings” in the form of Baby Birds of Prey. The Armorer notices a missing shoulder plate on Kryze’s armor and replaces it. Here Kreese tells the Armadillo that she saw the vaunted Methosaurus with her own eyes. It is implied that the armorer partially believes her as she responds to the story with “That’s the way it is”.

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