Gina ortega on wednesday one detailing tim burton insists on more

    Netflix star Jenna Ortega reveals one important aspect of the character that the director will never let go of.

    Netflix Mode and Tim Burton Addams family and their daughter, Wednesday, back to the top. The original series on the platform, created by the famous director of hits like Edward ScissorhandsIt has become a global phenomenon and one of the most watched series of the past year.

    After a long wait, the streaming service renewed the show for a second season, which took a while to arrive because Gina Ortega, its main star, had to negotiate a new contract.

    But playing Wednesday wasn’t easy. Between cello rehearsals and long filming days, the actress revealed that she had some really stressful moments during production. Even the character’s aesthetics were a real headache and a detail that could never be overlooked.

    In his latest appearance on Hot Ones, Ortega revealed that there was one detail in particular about Wednesday’s look that Burton always insisted on:

    “Even the first day when they were trying to decide what my hair was like we’d look like we ran two hours behind because, ‘No, her braids are uneven.'” This is lower, this is higher. He didn’t like the way my brother looked at the time, so he was just, ‘Hey, can I do…do you mind if I do that?’ the hairdresser asked very politely and he styled my hair himself.”

    Tim is known for his obsession with every little thing that appears on camera, even when his productions are absolutely phenomenal. So in Wednesday’s case, given the nature of the character, it’s understandable that the director was pretty adamant that her look would be really perfect.

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    Gina Ortega has had a successful career so far

    Scream VI Gina Ortega
    Paramount Pictures

    After a short appearance in Iron Man 3Jenna’s trajectory quickly turned into horror with a role in The insidious 2. But there is no doubt that the emergence of Netflix in her career made all the difference. With a more important role in Yes today With Jennifer Garner, the actress later appeared in one of the most successful productions on the platform, You. At the same time, she was part of a famous independent movie, RamificationsWhere she displayed all his acting skills.

    In 2022 it is her time to shine with her lead roles in Scream (2022) and beyond X, which ended with her being crowned as one of the current horror queens along with one of her co-stars, Mia Goth. So was the announcement of her conversion to Wednesday Addams and confirmation scream 6 She has built her career to make her one of the most in-demand actors of the moment.

    In addition to returning for the second season of Wednesdayand definitely for the seventh installment of ScreamOrtega already has four more movies confirmed over the next few years, and they will definitely be just a few in the long list of projects she has to wait.

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