George Foreman on producing his autobiography: Big George Foreman

    Big George Foreman is a fascinating retelling of the life and times of World Heavyweight Champion George Foreman. From his turbulent childhood to his remarkable return to boxing stardom in his forties, George Foreman has lived a life ripe for exploration on the big screen. The film also highlights Foreman’s work as a preacher and community advocate; Foreman opened a youth center in Houston, Texas that is active to this day.

    George Foreman himself served as an executive producer Big George Foreman, helping to ensure the film’s accuracy and relevance. As executive producer, Foreman offered sage advice to Chris Davis, the actor who plays him in the film, and collaborated with director George Tillman Jr. on his work as well. In the end, the fact that Foreman himself was involved Big George Foreman Every punch and punch helps this biopic boxing movie land even more weight.

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    George Foreman spoke with screen rant about his advice to Big George Foreman Star Chris Davis, the parts of the movie that influenced him the most and most.

    George Foreman on Big George Foreman

    Chris Davis as George Foreman in Big George Foreman

    Screen Rant: In any movie about someone’s life, I think things can be changed and smoothed out to make it more real [traditional] film. Was there anything you wanted to make sure was as accurate in your life as possible?

    George Foreman: Well, the movie is about Hollywood. There are so many things that were taken out of the movie, and you know what, I wish they were taken out of my life, too. It was a good experience. They showed the journey in art as best it could be presented. I’m happy with the movie because I enjoyed it. Can you imagine [that] All the things that have happened to you that can become amusing after a while? This is what I found.

    What moment in the movie was your strongest moment to re-enact?

    George Foreman: I saw the little boy, George Foreman, move into these houses with these rusty old refrigerators and stoves. People left them behind because they didn’t work. I forgot these things in my life, because you started thinking about income tax, paying bills, and trying to meet that [and that]And forget what [you] really who. I cried when I saw that boy.

    Khris Davis did a great job playing you, too. Did you have any conversations or advice with him while shooting the movie?

    George Foreman: Yeah, I met Chris Davis. What a committed person. He looked at me. I even looked into his eyes. I said, “Keep looking at me until you see me” and I think he said, “What is this guy doing?”

    I taught him about anger, and what anger is [really] He was. Not only did I hit the bag, I tried to destroy the bag. He took it and went to work with it. Khris Davis is an amazing actor.

    I think whether people know about boxing or not, they will be very inspired when they see your story. What do you think made you persevere and accomplish all the things you have?

    George Foreman: When you come from such a minor… Like I’ve been telling everyone all day, I had no hope. Can you imagine living in this life without hope? I did, this way. I didn’t find hope until later in life. [For] Those who have no hope, if they could see my life, would realize that they could do anything.

    I can’t imagine this being the first time someone has tried to make a movie about you. Were there projects you turned down before that?

    George Foreman: He started a lot of projects, and it wasn’t about me, because I had a lot of my story to tell. But then you look back, you become bigger than everything that happened to you, and it’s time to reveal those secrets. It’s not easy to reveal the secrets, the things you’re trying to hide, but it’s played out in a movie, in art, and I was able to sit there and say, “This is the time.”

    on Big George Foreman

    Woodland Whitaker as Doc Broadus and Khris Davis in Big George Foreman

    Big George Foreman: The Miraculous Story of the Once and Future World Heavyweight Champion is based on the fascinating true story of one of the greatest comebacks of all time and the transformative power of second chances. Driven by a poor childhood, Foreman channeled his rage into becoming an Olympic gold medalist and world heavyweight champion, followed by a near-death experience that took him from the boxing ring to the pulpit. But when he saw his community struggle spiritually and financially, Foreman returned to the ring and made history by regaining his title, becoming the oldest and most titled World Heavyweight Champion of all time.

    Check back soon for others Big George Foreman Interviews:

    • Chris Davis (George Foreman)
    • Forest Whitaker (Doc Broadus)
    • George Tillman Jr. (Director/Co-writer)

    Big George Foreman It will be released in theaters on April 28.

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