Frozen 3 should continue to fix Kristoff’s insult to the original movie

    the first frozen The film neglected the character of Kristoff by not giving him a musical number of his own—and frozen 3 He needs to fix this insult. Kristoff is voiced by Tony Award winner Jonathan Groff, best known for his performance in The Spring awakening And Hamilton. His singing voice is one of his best, but even so, frozen She did not use this talent. frozen 2 She finally makes up for this by giving him an amazing love song, however frozen 3 Needs more algebra.

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    Christophe acted as an unexpected love interest in frozen– the exact opposite of the role of Prince Charming that Hans was supposed to play. Although Kristoff’s relationship with Anna is beloved among fans, it was not the focus of the story. Instead, it was brotherly love that ended up being everything frozenplot, which means there is not much time left to bring out the character of Kristoff. This was a real shame, because as a Broadway star, Groff is known for his singing voice.

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    Kristoff Had a Song in Frozen 2 (But Needs More)

    Frozen Kristoff lost in the forest

    in frozenGroff’s singing voice only appears for a short segment where Kristoff sings a little song about reindeer with his trusted friend (also voiced by Groff) Sven. This was about how well his singing character did in the first movie, which seemed like a terrible waste of Groff’s singing ability. frozenThe creators mentioned in A reddit Q&A that they planned for Kristoff to sing a love song, which is why they chose a singing talent like Groff, but it had to be cut due to time constraints. Luckily, frozen 2 Offer them the perfect opportunity to give Kristoff his moment in the sun.

    However, even with Kristoff’s “Lost in the Woods” frozen 2It seems outrageous that Groff only had one big singing performance and one verse on “Some Things Never Change”. This is especially true because Kristoff is a very singular character for Disney. He respects Anna endlessly and is a perfect example of healthy masculinity, which should be displayed more often. So frozen 3 Needs to include more opportunities for Christophe to star in Groff – perhaps with some songs and sequences filling him in frozen backstory.

    Have to give Frozen 3 duets to Kristoff and Anna

    Kristoff and Anna from Frozen 2

    Traditionally, the male love interest in a princess movie would have a duet with said princess. However, this predictable trope is precisely why this moment is given to Anna and Hans frozen. When the prince and princess sang “Love Is An Open Door” together, it cemented the idea in audiences’ minds that they were the romantic center of the story. Of course, this made the eventual revelation that Hans really is the villain even more shocking as it transformed everything fans have come to expect from a traditional Disney story. It was effective but meant that Anna and Kristoff never really had their moment.

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    Now, go to frozen 3, Anna and Kristoff can finally get a traditional Disney musical number, which means Groff gets the princely duet his talent always deserved. Since the couple got engaged frozen 2, it can be assumed that the next installment will contain a wedding. This provides the perfect moment for Anna and Kristoff to share an old-fashioned love couple. Maybe he could give the hat a tip frozen“Love is an Open Door” to show that even though Princess Anna may have done wrong with Hans, Queen Anna certainly gets it right with Kristoff.

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