Friend remembers Todd Novick, Rochester man shot and killed by police

    ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Tina Louk ,who says she’s been friends with Todd Novick for almost six years, wants the community to know about the good in him despite the struggles he faced.

    She says they attended the same church at St. Joseph’s in Lyell Ave. She describes Novick as a funny guy who loved to smile and spread love to others. 

    She says Novick faced struggles in his personal life but constantly made an effort to better himself.

    “I think he was just trying to find his belonging. I think that’s why he always came and felt comfortable coming to talk to us hear at saint joseph’s northside right next to my church because we would give that reassurance and kind of like hope you know that. I mean he chose the life that he did but even though he was homeless, he never made it look that way,” said Louk.

    She says she was devastated when she heard about how Novick lost his life and believes it didn’t have to end the way it did.

    “He didn’t deserve it, no way no how. Neither did that officer have the right to do so. There could’ve been better communication on both ends,” she said.

    But when police held a news conference in December, they said it was impossible for the officer to know it was a fake gun.

    “To expect an officer in a split second to differentiate what is it especially he didn’t throw it and run away. it was in his hands, what were his intentions? We don’t know, but we’ll get there,” said Chief David Smith with RPD.

    According to RPD, Daniel Celiberti who was the officer involved has been with RPD since 2012. He remains on an administrative assignment.

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