Flashcast members and Stephen Amell celebrate the series finale wrap

    Many members of The Flash are celebrating the official packaging for the series finale as production on Season 9 of the Arrowverse wraps up.

    several the light Cast members celebrate the official finale of the series finale. It’s the end of the Arrowverse’s era as the light Season 9 will conclude the last Earth-Prime based series in the franchise. by the time the light Season 9 ends its run on The CW, and it will be the longest-running Arrowverse series, surpassing even Arrow. for the last season, the light Season 9 was picked up for 13 episodes, making it the shortest season in the show’s history. Currently, four episodes of the flash Season of Swan Swan, with the Red Death story wrapping up next week.

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    the light The series finale has been in the works for a few weeks, with Vanessa Parise helming the final episode. While the title for Episode 13 was not revealed, it was written by showrunners Eric Wallace and Sam Chalsen. like the light The series finale wrapped this weekend, with several cast members taking to Instagram to celebrate filming the final episode. Among them were Candice Patton, Daniel Panabaker, John Wesley Shipp, Tom Cavanagh, Brandon McKnight, Kayla Compton, Danny Nicollet and John Core in the Arrowverse farewell drama. in addition to, Arrow a star Stephen Amell Congratulations to the team for their long tenure.

    Candice Patton Instagram

    Candice Patton Instagram Post

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    Everything we know about the Flash series finale

    Grant Gustin as The Flash

    This week, The CW confirmed it the light The series finale will air on Wednesday, May 24, in its regular 8 p.m. This means that there will be at least some gaps over the coming months until May 24th. While The CW is obviously keeping most details under wraps, there were actually a lot of plot points that got messed up. the light series finale. Although there is no complete context, some players are lined up for the series finale.

    through different the light On the final set of photos for the series, Rick Cuscent was spotted in a costume reminiscent of DC villain Cobalt Blue. This has been one of the most wanted villains the light Viewers wanted to see him on the show, especially with Cosnett playing him. The set of photos also revealed that he will be joining Reverse-Flash, Savitar, Godspeed, and Zoom. How do they all return to the light The series finale remains to be seen.

    While many enemies return, there will be a few heroes who will return quickly the light also. John Wesley Shipp and Jessica Parker Kennedy are set to reprise the roles of Jay Garrick and XS, respectively. Whether or not Bart Allen, aka Impulse, will appear in the light Season 9 is yet to be determined. With only two episodes left to air for the light Season 9, it’s definitely about to get bittersweet.

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    Source: Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, John Wesley Shipp, Tom Cavanagh, Brandon McKnight, Kayla Compton, Danny Nicollet, John Core / Instagram, Available here. Stephen Amell/Twitter

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