Finally, someone is listening to us.

    Jeff Garlindeparture from Goldberg It might come as a surprise to fans, however Wendy McClendon Covey I thought it was too late. Since 2013, McLendon-Covey and Garlin have starred in the hit ABC series as married couple Beverly and Murray. Garlin exited the series during its ninth season after the human resources department investigated complaints regarding his behavior during filming. During the Season 10 premiere, audiences learned how the writers handled the off-screen drama: They killed Murray.

    During a recent interview on SiriusXM’s website Andy Cohen LiveMcLendon-Covey spoke briefly about Garlin’s exit:

    “This has been a long time coming,” she said, “and it finally happened, ‘Okay, okay. Finally, someone is listening to us.”

    Before the news of his exit, Garlin confirmed that he was not intentionally inappropriate on the job Goldberg. After the episode dealing with Murray’s death aired, Garlin took to social media to share that he’s bipolar, writing: “Bipolar is a s*** um. Sometimes it’s just too much. I’m doing the best I can. This is the first time I’ve opened up about this.” “.

    Today’s movie

    In the series, Murray’s death occurred shortly after the death of another classmate in real life. George Segal, who portrayed Beverly’s father in the series, passed away on March 23, 2021 Goldberg Season eight. His character, Pops, was honored in the series with a touching posthumous tribute also in the show. Having two deaths in such a short period of time in a sitcom is unusual, but it’s something Goldberg I had to deal with it.

    “To go through another sitcom loss, you know, you can’t keep asking your audience to grieve for people,” McClendon-Covey told Cohen. “That’s not why they were caught.”

    When asked by Cohen about the details surrounding Garlin’s exit, McClendon-Covey said she preferred not to discuss the issue.

    “If we couldn’t talk about it, it would be great. I’m exhausted by this topic and PTSD from it all.” She added, “I feel like the less people know about it, the better. Nobody and nobody benefits from knowing anything.”

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    Goldberg’s last shout

    The Goldbergs S10
    Scott Everett White/ABC

    Goldberg The series is currently airing its final season, with its final episode scheduled to air on May 3. The series stars McClendon Covey, Sean Giamproni as Adam Goldberg, Troy Gentile as Barry Goldberg, Hayley Orancia as Erica Goldberg, and Jeff Schwartz as Sam Lerner. Patton Oswalt tells the sitcom as a future adult version of Adam.

    McClendon-Covey, who has portrayed loving but overbearing mother Beverly since 2013, will star in NBC pilot Saint Denis Medical, a mock series about an Oregon hospital. Garlin, who also stars Curb your enthusiasm Opposite Larry David, he has been cast in the upcoming fourth and final season of Netflix I haven’t done it before.

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