Famke Janssen talks about a possible return to the X-Men Franchise

    the X-Men They finally return to the screen. After the end of their cinematic universe with X-Men: Dark Phoenix In 2019, Disney closed the deal and bought Fox, which means the franchise will now be part of the MCU. Four years have passed since that moment, and the Transformers will officially debut in the same year X-Men 97a continuation of the popular animated series of the 90s.

    But what fans can really expect is the live-action debut of the group of heroes. Although there are some hints with Ms. Marvel And Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverThe official introduction will come into the hands of Wade Wilson from Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3which will also include another classic mutant, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.

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    universe from X-Men It’s huge and packed with characters, so Marvel fans can expect many new stories to come out. But some also want to see old stars play their characters again or get a new role in the MCU as an easter egg for what they’ve done in the past. Especially the characters who played the main characters like Logan, Scott Summers, Jean Gray, or even Charles Xavier, who appeared in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

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    Is there any chance we’ll see Famke Janssen return as Jean Gray?

    X-Men: Apocalypse will recast Stormtroopers, Jean Gray and Cyclops

    Although many may know her as Liam Neeson’s ex-wife in taken Trilogy, comic book and superheroes no doubt know this Your mouth Jansen Who played the legendary Jean Gray in the original X-Men Triple.

    While promoting her latest action movie, Knights of the ZodiacFamke spoke to CinemaBlend about the chances of returning to the show X-Men Franchise:

    “Um, you know, I played Jean Gray [and] Phoenix five times. It’s been an incredible journey. You have given me the most amazing opportunities over time. So, who knows? Is this chapter over? potentially. Is there a chance? who do you know I just look forward and don’t really look back. I enjoy new opportunities in my life.”

    With Jackman returning as Wolverine, the chances of seeing some of the actors who were part of that era playing the characters again seems very likely, especially in films like dead pool, which often jokes about the idea of ​​the multiverse and franchises. So, the upcoming movie may include some surprises, and Famke could be one of them.

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