Explanation of each eternal being in the series

    One of the most thought-provoking animated series, Adventure time It introduces the audience to a group of highly evolved creatures. Humans are virtually extinct just as they are in the modern world. While a lot of animated shows have religious or political undertones, these concepts are different in the real world Adventure time. The idea of ​​religion, for example, is more of a philosophical question. While politics thrives in the Land of Ooo, corruption is minimal.

    Narrative shifts such as the above bring cosmic entities and eternal beings in place of gods and politicians. Characters like Prismo and Cosmic Owl are Life Watchers, who occasionally appear in dreams, but never reveal any secrets. Grubbing Globe Grodd and Abraham Lincoln are arbiters of Mars familiar with the dealings of Earth, if only because of their infinite knowledge. Although politicians such as the rulers of Mars and Princess Bubblegum are eternal beings who can experience reincarnation.

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    16 Prismo

    Komal Nanjiani and John Dimaggio in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    one of Jake’s friends, PrismoIt is the result of a man’s dream. He lives in a yellow cube that floats outside of time. Grants wishes that come with a twist. For example, if someone desired no evil, as Finn did, he would place them in a realm without magic. Prismo can’t actually interfere, but he can keep an eye on it from his room.

    15 Cosmic owl

    Tom Kenny and Jeremy Shada in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    the Cosmic owl He is Prismo’s friend. It appears in dreams as a landmark. Although it is up to the dreamer to discover the reason for the appearance of the cosmic owl. It can also appear in astral projections, such as when the Ice King was floating in the universe, or in the Prismo Chamber. When he appears, he cannot intervene.

    14 Leach / Sweet Pi

    Adventure time
    Cartoon Network

    In the Land of Ooo, evil is rare and universal. the why It is the epitome of evil. He can possess anything, like a snail or a billy. While it cannot be killed, it can take on a new form. While trying to escape from the castle, Finn discovers that goo will turn The Lich into a Lich Sweet peas.

    13 Bubble gum princess

    Bubble gum princess
    Cartoon Network

    throughout Adventure timeThere are many Eternals and they are usually all evil or all good. Until now Bubble gum princess It is located on the fence and is quite polarized among those in the Land of Ooo. Citizens who hate her have legitimate reasons, like spying on the candy people. While those who love her do not see her as a threat.

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    12 Elements

    Lauren Lapkus, Hynden Walsh, Maria Bamford, and Jessica DiCicco in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    The Land of Ooo is the result of evolution after the Great Mushroom War. However, the four entities that have witnessed the world through its ups and downs are The Elements. In the Land of Ooo, the four main elements are candy, slime, fire, and ice. Each entity comes in different forms after the Catalyst Comet, but the Mushroom War came before the Comet.

    11 Gulp

    Tom Kenny, Jeremy Shada, John Dimaggio, Hynden Welch and Olivia Olson in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    Another entity is pure evil Gulp. It exists in an unknown dimension and is almost impossible to find or summon. When GOLB appears, all life is in danger and all harmony disappears. Golp is the cause of the death of Magic Man’s wife, Marglis. Although he could not die, due to Betty’s wish, Golb and Betty merged into one being.

    10 Grub Globe Grodd

    Tom Kenny, Tom Gamell, Melissa Villasenor, and Miguel Ferrer in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    The four-headed rulers of Mars and the Magic Man’s brothers are Grob Gob Glob and Grod. While on Mars, they exile their brother to Earth for 200 years for tormenting the Martians. To protect the universe and allow Earth to undergo the Catalyst Comet’s changes, they also banish Orgalorg to Earth when it attempts to absorb a comet. Unlike other comics entities, they can intervene in reality as long as it is for the benefit of the Martians or Earthlings.

    9 charm man

    Tom Kenny in Adventure Time
    Warner Bros

    Grob Gob Glob and Grod’s younger brother, charm man He uses his abilities for sadistic purposes. Before he was banished to Earth, he used magic to make everyone bald. During his time on Earth, he transformed the Ooo people into various body parts and worked with Betty to save the Ice King. He lost his powers to Betty and became a normal man.

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    8 Hizb allah

    Cole Sanchez in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    If any character is the worst, this is her Hizb allah. A floating wolf-head wearing a backwards baseball cap with the sole purpose of partying, the party god is basically bro, GQ explains. Makes some minor appearances in Adventure time, But his two great appearances show that he is unfavorable.

    7 death

    Miguel Ferrer in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    As ruler over the land of the dead, death She looks like a character from the old west. Throughout the history of entertainment, death has been represented in different ways. Most often, the Grim Reaper represents or represents death. in Adventure timeDeath and his kingdom may be visited by the living. It’s not scary, as in other renditions; It is gardens after all.

    6 life

    Hynden Walch in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    A pair of snakes curling around each other, life He is in a relationship with Death and the mother of their son, Neo Death. Although she is a snake, she brings life everywhere she goes, which resonates with some symbolism throughout the world. Wildlife Informer describes how snakes are a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Since Life is a shade of green, the color of growth, its appearance is in keeping with the various symbols of Life.

    5 Mr. Fox / Mr. Death

    Tom Herpich in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    Foxes are often described as shy, solitary animals that avoid others. Mr. Fox character in Adventure time He matches this description because he lives alone in a small house away from the others in Ooo. He becomes Mr. Death after New Death dies. In his new eternal form, he wears a bathrobe and carries a pillow.

    4 Abraham Lincoln

    Pendleton Ward in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    On Mars, two entities rule: Grob Gob Glob Grod and Abraham Lincoln. Shown on a stone throne, the Martian King looks like the 16th President of the United States, and also mimics the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. as a Martian King, who watches Orgalorg attempt to swallow the trigger comet. He gave his life to save Jake, and transformed into StoneC, completing the tribute to the former US President.

    3 Orgalorg

    Tom Kenny in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    On a faraway planet, an older generation lives in fear of a fearsome deity called Orgalorg. It is said to punish teens who sneak out. When he tries to eat the triggered comet, Grob Gob Glob Grod intervenes and is banished to Earth. He assumes the form of a penguin and is adopted by the Ice King and named Gunter.

    2 comet catalyst

    Nataro's crown in adventure time
    Cartoon Network

    every thousand years, comet catalyst It crashes into the ground, causing change. The comet is a sentient being, as Finn discovers. As the comet floats off into space, Finn reveals his entire past. He remembers that he was, at some point, the culprit.

    1 Hunson Abadir

    John Dimaggio, Olivia Olson, Martin Olson and Jeremy Shada in Adventure Time
    Cartoon Network

    Marceline’s father is a demon, in fact he is the demon of presiding over all demons. Hunson Abadir He is something of a sadist though he is also the ultimate awkward father. Although an eternal being, he desperately wants Marceline to take over the family business. When he is in Ooo, he either absorbs souls or embarrasses Marceline to the point where she retreats into solitude.

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