Explaining Kalani and Asuelu’s alleged cheating scandal

    90 days fiancé The married life of married couple Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa is over, if rumors of a horrific cheating scandal are to be believed. Kalani was a 29-year-old California woman when she met the 23-year-old activities director Asoilo at a resort in Samoa. In July 2016, Kalani fell in love with Asuelu, and decided that she would lose her virginity to him. Now, an ex-Mormon, Kalani had already given birth to a child when she married Aswello, and was pregnant with their second son. Kalani and Aswell were still together when fans last saw them, in March 2022 90 day diary.

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    90 days fiancé Stars Kalani and Aswello’s relationship has never been so happy. When they appear on screen, Asuelu’s carelessness and lack of responsibility are displayed. In March 2022, Kalani accused Asuelu of endangering their children, and after the episode aired, he unfollowed and blocked her on Instagram. In June, Asuelu added a (now deleted) IG post, writing, “It’s different from what she’s used to, too [sic] She doesn’t want to go out with me.However, it was difficult for him to talk about the issue, since he was in contract. In a different video that month, Asuelu claimed he was single.

    90 Day Fiancé Star Asuelu allegedly cheated on Kalani

    Asuelu and Kalani continued to dance about the divorce afterward, dropping hints to fans via IG that they had broken up. However, they never confirmed their split. Kalani stopped posting about Asuelu on her page, and he traveled to Samoa alone on a business trip in October 2022. According to Instagram blogger @mac.and.chisme, this strange behavior by Asuelu and Kalani can be explained by: “Alleged story “Told for them before,”reputable source.They shockingly claim that things are starting to go south in 90 days fiancé The couple gets married when Asuelu cheated on Kalani. “Do you think Asuelu saw this coming on his 2022/2023 Bingo Card?they asked their followers.

    90 Days star’s fiancé Aswell wants Kalani to get ‘hall ticket’

    Asuelu Pulaa in 90 Day Fiancé looks bored and not amused

    It is possible that Asuelu realized the mistake he had made and, in an attempt to fix it, made a mistake again. Asuelu comes clean to Kalani about his deed, and the couple decides to save their marriage. They may have found a solution, but it may not have been the perfect solution. Both of me gotHall corridorfor her cheating on him, provided she wants to settle things. A ‘hall pass’ is a slang term for an agreement between spouses. It dictates that they can have sex outside of their relationship. It is generally on a temporary or one-off basis.

    90 Day Fiancé star Kalani is dating her ‘Hall Pass’

    90 Day Fiancé Kalani Faagata is wearing serious blue

    Kalani was a virgin when she met Aswello. Kalani allegedly ended up meeting a man, and got intimate. However, this is not where this story ends. She appears to have fallen in love with the man, and was allegedly still seeing him when she and Asuelo were spotted filming a new movie. Couples therapy spin off. Eagle Eye 90 days fiancé fans saw them In the Florida Keys in January 2023. The man was apparently at the resort where Kalani and Aswello filmed the spin-off. However, it is uncertain if Kalani is still with her boyfriend, or if she has fixed her marriage to Asuelu forever.

    Source: mac.and.chisme / Instagram

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