Everything we know about the Netflix Alaskan Survival Reality Show

    While Netflix is ​​not new to the reality TV scene, the streaming platform offers dozens of reality shows of all kinds, and last It is their first foray into survivor province. The premise is simple: Take 16 survivors who used to make their way in the wilderness, and force them to work as a team in the extreme Alaskan wilderness. What could go wrong? Judging from the trailer, a lot. This show offers a unique spin on the gritty wildlife genre, as all of the contestants are rugged survivors in the truest sense of the word.

    Every player has faced great ordeal, from combative situations to the harrowing addiction journey to recovery. In other words, these men and women are powerful! Not only will each of them have to face the dangers of the Alaskan wilderness, but they’re forced to face their own demons as well to compete. Each of the actors has what it takes to succeed, and they’ve basically thrived as tough individualists. Now, they are forced to work with the people they must defeat to win the game and the cash prize as a reward.

    Today’s movie

    Outlast: the rules

    All 16 players, including 11 men and five women, were flown over the Alaskan tundra, where they were forced to skydive into the dense wilderness. The show was filmed in the fall, which means that the large bear population has yet to go into hibernation. Once on the ground, players learn that they will never work alone. Instead, they will be divided into four teams. Each team must grow up in a different location, learn to work together to survive, and win the game and the million dollar prize.

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    Players have a variety of backgrounds, but they are all very good at the art of survival. The real tension arises not from conflicts of style or methods but from differences in attitudes. How far will each team go to win? Not only will players need a compass to guide them, but they’ll also have to use their moral compass to determine how they play the game as it slowly turns into a winner-takes-all tournament to survive. What’s even more difficult is that players outside of an island can’t be voted on here. The only way to get out of the competition is to surrender voluntarily. Each contestant can change teams at any time, making loyalties fragile and leaving trust in short supply.

    Cast and OutlastVideoScreenshot - YouTube-OutlastOfficialTrailerNetflix-0'23

    last Produced by Nomad Entertainment, the movie compilation stars 16 newcomers as they fight to survive, win, and last each other. The cast consisted, in no particular order, of five women and eleven men of all ages. There’s Amber Asai, 34, from Arizona. Andrea Hildebrand, 51, of Charlotte, North Carolina; Angie Kenai, 30, of San Antonio, Texas; Dawn Nelson, 43, of Creston, Washington, and Jill Ashok, of New Haven, Kentucky, represent the women. The women all come with their own survival stories and reasons for wanting to be involved, as well as their own skill sets and failures.

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    For the men, there’s Brian Carse, 59, of Holiday, Florida; Corey Johnson, 28, of Parker, Colorado; Javier Colón, 42, of San Francisco, California; Joel Hanget, 33, of McCordsville, Indiana; Jordan Williams, 25, from Fort Collins, Colorado, Justin Court, 44, from LaGrange, Kentucky, Lee Ettinger, 57, from Bigfork Montana, Nick Radner, 36, from Tampa, Florida 47-year-old from Knoxville Tennessee, Seth Locker, 31-year-old from Winchester, Virginia and finally 33-year-old Timothy Spears from Fort Collins Colorado. Each of the men involved have diverse backgrounds, from farmers to veterans to woodsmen. The challenge will be to put oneself aside and work together or risk losing everything.

    release date

    Outlast is set to air on the Netflix streaming platform on March 10

    Everything else we knowScreenshot video - YouTube-OutlastOfficialTrailerNetflix-0'15

    Of course, one of the real draws of the show will be the gorgeous, and sometimes deadly, Alaskan Wilderness. Alaska has been used before in reality shows about famous and not-so-famous Alaskan Natives, and wildlife has always played a back seat, not with lastWhere this series aims to highlight the beauty and danger in the atmosphere of Alaska. We can expect a lot of great cinematography to capture it all. The style and format of this show should reinvigorate the wildlife genre. last It will surely provide the drama reality TV viewers crave as contestants double down and sabotage each other to win the million dollar prize.

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