Every Reese Witherspoon rom-com, ranked by Rotten Tomatoes score

    Reese Witherspoon It is a popular name in the rom-com genre. as a queen Comedy romanceWitherspoon has led a successful career as a leading lady in the genre. From starring in movies to making them, the name “rom-com” and Witherspoon’s name are almost interchangeable these days. In fact, in a recent interview promoting her latest rom-com, your place or mineWitherspoon has admitted that rom-coms are her favorite genre to be involved in.

    Fans of the successful actress and producer have been following her career since she was young. While most of her young career has shown her ability to act in dramatic films, the actress still boasts a slew of rom-coms in her filmography. Some of her early works include movies like Elections, Sweet Home AlabamaAnd, of course, her most famous role in Legally blonde. Many fans argue that it was Legally Blonde that sealed the success of the actress within the rom-com genre. After two successful films in the franchise and 20 years later, Witherspoon notes that a third “is definitely going to happen” (via Good Morning America).

    Whether that’s true or not, fans can catch most of Witherspoon’s rom-coms on one of the many streaming services. For those looking to catch up with the rom-com, we suggest checking out the most successful ones, ranked by Rotten tomatoes.

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    10 This means war – 25%

    This means war
    Twentieth Century Fox

    This means war is a romantic triangle rom-com featuring Chris Pine and Tom Hardy as love interests for Witherspoon. Both Hardy and Payne are spies who end up falling for the same woman, Witherspoon. The duo start a “war” over who will win her heart. Although the critics weren’t a fan of this movie, its bizarre events and story make it an interesting watch.

    9 four birthdays – 25%

    Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn are sitting in a car on the four holidays
    New Line Cinema

    four holidays It is a holiday rom-com starring Witherspoon alongside Vince Vaughn. The couple plays an unmarried and long-term relationship who spend Christmas away from their families. When bad weather cancels their planned trip and the news crew catches the couple on camera, the couple is forced to spend Christmas with their families – all four of them. If this movie isn’t part of your holiday movie collection, it should be added next season!

    8 Your place or mine – 31%

    Reese Ashton is my place or my place

    your place or mine is Witherspoon’s latest rom-com, and it’s set to air on Netflix in early 2023. The quirky rom-com stars Witherspoon as a single mother who turns a one-night stand into a long-term friendship. 20 years later, that friendship was tested when Ashton Kutcher’s character volunteered to watch her son so she could come to New York for a week to get an accountant’s degree. In true rom-com fashion, switching places allows both parties to learn more about each other and bridge the gap from friendship to relationship.

    7 How do you know – 31%

    Reese Witherspoon How Do You Know (1)
    Columbia Pictures

    As with many rom-coms, how do you know It is a movie that contains a love triangle. In this movie, Witherspoon finds herself wondering what she wants out of her life now that she’s cut from the USA softball team. Will she want to stay with her current baseball-playing boyfriend (Owen Wilson), or will she fall in love with recently dumped company guy (Paul Rudd)?

    6 Home again – 33%

    Reese Witherspoon home again
    Open Road Movies

    At home again It stars Witherspoon as a single mother who lives in Los Angeles and lets three young filmmakers move into her home with her. When her ex-husband reappears, her budding romance is threatened and her life once again takes an unexpected turn. The movie is certainly one of Witherspoon’s more underrated rom-coms because this one is equally funny, but it teaches a lesson that starting over isn’t always easy.

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    5 Legally blond 2: red, white and blue 36%

    A scene from Legally Blonde 2.
    Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

    Like most sequels, the follow up Legally blonde They did not receive as high ratings as the first movie. Where the first was iconic, the sequel failed. Although it wasn’t Witherspoon’s best rom-com, legally blonde 2 It is still a beloved movie for her fans. In the sequel, Witherspoon finds herself heading to Washington, D.C. to pass a bill banning animal testing.

    4 Sweet Home Alabama, up 38%

    Josh Lucas Sweet Home Alabama
    Buena Vista Photo Distribution

    Home Sweet Alabama It is one of Witherspoon’s first films and is one of her most popular. The film features a Southern-speaking Witherspoon returning home to Alabama to get her ex-husband (Josh Lucas) to sign the divorce papers, so she can marry her current boyfriend (Patrick Dempsey). While walking home, she ends up reconnecting with her old life, something not even New York has been able to completely erase.

    3 Just Like Heaven by 54%

    Just like heaven
    DreamWorks Images

    Just like heaven is a rom-com that meets ghosts. In this 2005 movie, Witherspoon’s spirit haunts the apartment that Mark Ruffalo’s character just moved into. As a twist, Witherspoon’s character is revealed to be in a coma after a tragic car accident. As the pair begin to fall for each other, their romance is cut short when Witherspoon’s sister wants to pull the plug on her sister, ending her life.

    2 legally blond 71%

    Ranked the best must-watch heartfelt comedies

    Legally blonde It is easily Witherspoon’s most famous rom-com. In this iconic film, Witherspoon plays Elle Woods, a blonde sorority queen who goes to law school after being dumped by her boyfriend. While there, she proves to be as smart as she is fashionable and ends up solving a high priority case. The movie is full of memorable lines, romance, and a lot of pink.

    1 Elections – 92%

    Renee Zellweger casts her vote with a smile in the election
    Paramount Pictures

    election It is a 1999 film starring Witherspoon alongside Matthew Broderick. Witherspoon plays a high school student running for student body president. It’s a chance to win until her cuteness gets on the nerves of one of her teachers (Broderick) who then convinces the school jock (Chris Kline) to run against her.

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