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    if Dwayne Johnson were to appear in Marvel Cinematic UniverseThere are few Marvel superheroes he could have brought to life on the big screen. While there’s no Marvel role currently on the horizon for the actor, it’s been confirmed that some talks have taken place regarding the possibility ahead of Rock’s appearance as an anti-hero in the 2022 DCEU movie, Black Adam. As one of the most popular action stars of this generation, it’s no surprise that Johnson was called upon to play a major superhero role, with the two biggest superhero franchises, the MCU and DC Universe, being a huge draw for the actor.

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    Both Marvel and DC have a huge library of characters at their disposal, with DC Comics starting in 1937, and Marvel Comics dating back to 1939. Johnson landed Black Adam in 2014, nearly a decade after choosing between Adam and Shazam, Later portrayed by Zachary Levi. While Johnson’s casting as Black Adam appears to smash any possibility of him joining the MCU, it has been suggested that the actor has discussed “some ideasWith Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. After the poor critical reception and box office to Black AdamAnd, resetting the DCEU, it’s possible Johnson could have a future in the MCU.

    Namur sub-marine

    Namor the Submarine in Marvel Comics

    Before Tenoch Huerta was cast as Marvel Studios’ Namor Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverIt was speculated that Dwayne Johnson could have taken on the iconic role of the MCU. Namor and Black Adam share many similarities that might have made Johnson the perfect fit. Both characters are considered anti-heroes, they have developed grumpy, heartbroken personalities, and their goals often put them at odds with their fellow heroes. Johnson may have portrayed a tougher, more brutal version of Namor in the MCU, but now that Huerta appears to have a bright future in the franchise, Johnson’s fate may lie elsewhere.


    hyperion in marvel comics

    More so than Black Adam, Hyperion could have been Rock’s Superman role. As an Eternal in Marvel Comics, Hyperion has a number of abilities that make him similar to DC’s Man of Steel, proving on multiple occasions that he’s powerful enough to tangle with the most powerful characters on Marvel’s roster, including the likes of Hercules, Thor, the Hulk, and more. Hyperion leads the alternate reality team known as the Squadron Supreme, a pastiche of DC’s Justice League, so Dwayne Johnson as this super-powered being would have been a fun twist on the Superman formula, though it’s a lot less dark than his portrayal of Black Adam .


    The thing in Marvel comics

    Arguably the most famous character Johnson could work with is Ben Grimm, aka Thing, an original member of the Fantastic Four. Using CGI, The Rock can be transformed into the Thing, adding plenty of star power and zest to the third live-action installment of Marvel’s First Family, and the first developed under the Marvel Studios banner. It would be fitting for Johnson’s MCU character to be one of Marvel Comics’ most powerful heroes, and the actor’s comedic chops could enhance the family dynamic and banter among the new MCU’s cast. pour to Fantastic Four It hasn’t been revealed yet, but Johnson will make a solid choice of the thing.

    Silver Surfer

    Silver muscle surfer in Marvel comics

    Fox has already brought Silver Surfer to the big screen Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver SurferPortrayed by Doug Jones and performed by Laurence Fishburne. Although Johnson’s version of the cosmically-augmented Herald of Galactus will be very different, his physicality is perhaps more reminiscent of the Silver Surfer that appears in the pages of Marvel Comics. with Fantastic Four On the horizon for Marvel Studios, speculation is swirling about when the MCU will debut the Silver Surfer, with some theorizing that Galactus could be the next major villain after Kang the Conqueror, so this could be the perfect role for Johnson in the future of the MCU.


    Ares in the Marvel comics

    While Hercules is often a name that comes up when discussing Johnson joining the MCU, Hercules’ greatest foe, the Greek god Ares, is perhaps the best fit for the actor. Johnson already portrayed a non-MCU version of Hercules in the 2014 movie, so eschewing that cast should avoid any confusion, and Ares would be a much bigger challenge for The Rock. As a ruthless killing machine and one of Marvel’s most famous supervillains, God of War would allow Johnson to play a different character, perhaps marking the beginning of a bright future in the MCU, perhaps even as a member of the Dark Avengers.

    miracle man

    The Purple Man in Marvel comics wonders

    Before Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was cast as Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, Johnson was expected to take on this epic role. While Williams is a very powerful superhero, he also differs from the other Avengers by wanting to work a different profession, dividing his time between fighting with the Avengers and starring in Hollywood movies. This would have been the perfect role for Dwayne Johnson, because he could draw on his action hero’s personality and expertise in comedy and drama acting perfectly. However, Abdul-Mateen II is poised to resurrect Williams in the future miracle man Disney + series for Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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