Every Julia Roberts movie on Netflix, ranked

    After images emerged of Madonna with what can only be described as a swollen face, in typical Twitterati fashion, the disdainful sphere of social and public media collectively rebuked the “Papa Don’t Preach” singer, prompting Keira Knightley to speak out about the backlash with a simple yet effective phrase, “How is a woman supposed to age?” With sexism a high-profile issue in Hollywood, there are many case studies proving that age is just a number.

    While we are not party to her plastic surgery, Julia Roberts“Her radiant beauty and idiosyncratic screen presence show no signs of waning, as she remains a leading light in women’s fight against aging movie moguls.” Netflix She has a collection of Roberts films in their catalog, dating from her early years to the 2000s. As most actresses will attest, they should only be judged for their ability in the art of acting, so let’s take a look at every Roberts movie on Netflix…

    5 Every pray love

    Every pray love
    Sony Pictures

    When the movie’s title sounds like one of those mass-produced slick pieces of art that fundamentalist evangelical moms hang on their walls, it seems to promise cheesy lessons in moral platitudes and a stereotypical love story rather than a credible motion picture. Apparently it’s only issued to couples without a Valentine’s Day dinner reservation. predictably, Every pray love He is bloated, reflux-inducing leads, and completely lacks subtlety and self-awareness.

    If you find yourself in a bind and cannot find anything suitable from the catalog of more than 4,000 movies, it is recommended to cancel your subscription before watching that movie. Roberts plays Elizabeth Gilbert who is, frankly, an insufferable narcissist. After leaving an unhappy marriage, a recent divorcee jumps from one relationship to the next before finding charming Spaniard Felipe (Javier Bardem).

    4 step mother

    step mother
    Tristar Pictures

    Home Alone And Harry Potter Director Chris Columbus explores new territory in the 1990s romantic drama, step mother. It’s by no means a classic, it’s a sweet film that runs counter to the evil stepmother archetype, a story that has become somewhat tired over the years. step mother It may lack depth to truly be considered a tearjerker, but as it follows the story of a stepmother versus a biological mother and children, it becomes one of the most insightful films about parenthood.

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    Divorced, Luke (Ed Harris) marries Isabel (Julia Roberts), a considerably younger woman, to the bitter opposition of ex-wife, Jackie (Susan Sarandon) and their two children, who question Isabel’s intentions, and his trustworthiness as a responsible adult. In typical Hollywood, or more specifically Clint Eastwood-esque fashion, a good character remake is inevitable, as Isabel dutifully attempts to prove herself to her in-laws, and her soon-to-be step-mother-children.

    3 August: Osage County

    August: Osage County Team
    The Weinstein Company

    August: Osage County Set amidst the unbearable August heat of Oklahoma, the film takes place in a family crisis meeting between three sisters and their partially estranged mother. After a recent cancer diagnosis and an ongoing battle with alcoholism, daughters Violet Weston (Meryl Streep) visit their ailing mother as they try to repair the damage to their previously fractured relationships and make up for lost time.

    With a star-studded cast including Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ewan McGregor, and of course, Julia Roberts, this 2013 comedy-drama hosts poignant scenes of shocking revelations, hurtful accusations, and forgiveness that only families are capable of.

    2 Notting Hill

    Notting Hill
    Polygram Filmed Entertainment

    In this enchanting screenplay by Richard Curtis, we watch the evolution of boy meets girl, reserved Brett meets a more progressive American, and a nerdy bookstore worker meets a world famous personality. Located in the idyllic suburban West London town Notting HillThis 1999 romantic comedy takes on an unbelievable celebrity cult, and counters it with a burgeoning romance between William Thacker (Hugh Grant) and Anna Scott (Julia Roberts). Scott is a Hollywood movie star who happens to stumble upon his humble community bookstore while promoting her new movie in London.

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    After a series of awkward encounters, love spills over for the unlikely couple. Of course, this is a movie that falls victim to the natural cowardice that comes with romantic territory, but it makes up for it with the underlying warmth and the fact that it’s filled with characters who are genuinely admirable. Aside from her Oscar-winning performance in Erin BrockovichArguably, this is the best job offer out there Pretty woman Flawless stars as “just a girl standing up to a boy asking him to love her” in one of the best British rom-coms.

    1 closer

    Closer movie with Julia Roberts
    Sony Pictures

    In Mike Nichols’ screen adaptation of Patrick Marber’s sparkling stage play of the same name, the audience is thrown into a complex, tempestuous, and passion-filled love arena. A story of forbidden love, cross wires, and heart affairs, emotionally attuned journalist Dan (Jude Law) embarks on a romantic journey of an unfaithful nature with photographer Anna (Julia Roberts), as they cheat on their partners Alice (Natalie Portman), and Larry (Clive Owen). .

    Soon, the situation is in closer It becomes a toxic mixture of heartbreak, resentment, jealousy, and spoiled love. Clive Owen steals the show as a tough, dirty-mouthed erotic doctor who utters the word “f*ck” as if his hefty paycheck depends on it. Disclaimer: No one is to be watched with parents and/or children.

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