Donor Party stars have a raunchy but candid conversation in a new clip

    Malin Akerman and Ryan Hansen talk about their exes in this exclusive clip from the upcoming comedy, The Donor Party.

    Name manipulation of the infamous cannibal Donner Party, donor party is new comedy A film that manages to combine a certain sweetness with sheer vulgarity. By putting Come on in the comedy, the film finds a woman taking charge of her future in order to have a baby and be the mother she can’t with her cheating ex. In order to do so, she and her friends arrange a little sex stunt at a party, Houbinh, to find a suitable sperm donor. The summary reads:

    From writer-director Thom Harp, The Donor Party follows recently single Jacqueline (Malin Åkerman), who desperately wants to become a mother — by any means necessary. After a messy divorce and countless online dating attempts, she realizes she doesn’t need a husband to make her dream come true. Enlisting her best friends (Erin Hayes and Priya Henderson), Jacqueline hatches a plan to pull off the ultimate sperm heist on unsuspecting donors Tim (Jerry O’Connell), MJ (Dan Akhdot), Mateo (Jeff Torres) and Armin (Ryan Hansen), all in. While celebrating an intimate birthday party for her forgetful friend, Jeff (Rob Corddry).

    You can catch the trailer below.

    The Donors Party brings together the greats of comedy

    If some faces in donor party Sounds familiar, and that’s because the movie features a very funny cast, many of whom worked together on the legendary absurdist sitcom Children’s Hospital I recently revived party downstairs. Apart from the aforementioned stars, the movie also stars Patty Guggenheim (Madisynn King in Strong woman), Cedric Yarbrough (Renault 911), Beth Dover (Orange is the new black) and John Daly (Kroll show), who are always fun in everything they do.

    Today’s movie

    Aukerman remains one of the most sought-after comedic actresses of her generation. While it is perhaps the most famous guardsshe has quietly delivered some of the funniest performances in a series of rom-coms (27 Dresses, Proposal, Couples Haven) and great TV comedies (Children’s Hospital, Trophy Wife). in donor party, she was given the freedom to deal with a variety of different personality types, playing a woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t care about societal perceptions of what she looks like. She seems to be the exact kind of confident comedian who can helm a modern sex comedy like this. donor partylike the protagonist, is bold and subversive in its aims, going above and beyond what women in traditional rom-coms are supposed to do and how they are supposed to act.

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    In the exclusive clip below, you can watch Åkerman interact with her tender friends Co-star, Ryan Hansen, in donor party. The pair engage in flirtatious and frank dialogue about sex and coming out, disguising the gloom with sarcastic criticism and nuanced sides.

    Vertical Entertainment will be released donor party From Indy Entertainment and Buffalo 8 Productions, in association with BondIt Media Capital and LB Entertainment, in theaters and on demand March 3.

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