Critics say True Lies TV Reboot is a real disaster

    The CBS TV remake of James Cameron’s True Lies movie has been panned by critics more or less across the board ahead of today’s premiere.

    True liesThe TV reboot took a serious beating ahead of its premiere later today. The CBS series adapts James Cameron’s 1994 original, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis as Helen Tasker, her mild-mannered husband Harry (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is secretly a spy, who must try to balance saving the world from a massive threat with his very own. good husband. New adaptation created by Burn noticeMatt Nix, stars shameless And Reba stars Steve Howey as Harry, opposite She-Hulk: Attorney at LawGinger Gonzaga as Helen

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    Today, quite a few critics have been allowed to reveal their thoughts about True lies The series premieres on CBS at 9/10pm. Unfortunately for fans of the original film, critics almost universally rejected the new project. While some find it just a weak remake of the original, others have much harsher things to say about it. Check out selected quotes from various critics’ reviews below:

    Amber Dowling diverse:

    Fast forward nearly 30 years, and many of the movie’s tropes and stereotypes just don’t hold up. So when it came to adapting the movie into a TV show, changes were necessary. Unfortunately, when updating the material, showrunner Matt Nix fails to preserve the core of what made the movie so interesting in the first place: the lies between husband and wife.

    Daniel Fienberg Hollywood Reporter:

    Does True Lies succeed? No…if you come in with high or low expectations based on the movie. CBS’s True Lies is much more in the vein of the network’s near-recent reboots of things like Magnum, PI, MacGyver, and Hawaii Five-0. It’s trashy and not trendy.

    Max Gao av club:

    Despite their best efforts, Howey and Gonzaga can only do so much with the writing they provide. The new True Lies is the latest example of a big-budget movie being pushed into the device that is network television. The show whittles the two-hour film down to a 42-minute pilot and inevitably sheds some of the elements that made the film — which was by no means perfect but was still a worthy way to go — so special, though those changes may have been made. to accommodate the move to CBS.

    Tania Hussein collider:

    But while the reboot works hard to shy away from the original and rightfully so because it perpetuates Satanic stereotypes in a pre-9/11 world, the series is broadly suspenseful, light on humor, and never quite packs the punch it needs to set itself apart from its predecessor.

    Kelly Lawler, USA Today:

    As the latest in a long (and seemingly endless) line of soulless remakes, reboots and reboots from Hollywood, “The Lies” can’t be blamed for its comic awfulness, and is more a symptom of a disease more widespread than any other. another thing. Maybe one out of every 10 of these new movies generates a really entertaining and good story, but “Lies” certainly isn’t.

    Tim Surrett, TV guide:

    Putting these two versions of Helen and Harry together blurs out the contrast between the versions of the movie, which helped reinforce the fun idea of ​​Helen becoming a spy. In the show, there is more of a rush to get them to even out and turn this into Mr. But the dynamic of this film has an internal tension between the pair, who work for opposing agencies. CBS’s True Lies feels more like it’s heading for being NCIS or the FBI, with the slight wrinkle that two agents are married to each other.

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    How does the True Lies TV show compare to the original movie?


    At the time of this writing, it was True lies The series has reached a 17 percent severely rotten rating on review aggregation service Rotten Tomatoes. While this would be a bad result for any title, it’s especially bad when compared to the original movie. While it is the second lowest rated feature behind Cameron Second piranha: spawning (his first film, from which he was partially fired), according to the service, he stands at a fresh score of 70 percent.

    One possible flaw with the series is the fact that the stars are less recognizable than Curtis and Schwarzenegger in the mid-90s. However, the 13-episode season will end up featuring a longer running time than the original film’s 141 minutes. This may allow fans to fall in love with the characters as they spend more time getting to know them.

    On Rotten Tomatoes, fans have a similar take on the original True lies As critics, the film only awarded a marginally superior score of 76 percent. It remains to be seen how the public will react when the show officially becomes available. However, the fact that it’s probably a little less likable than other James Cameron titles like position or terminatorAnd Titanicor symbol picture It may allow the series some wiggle room to find a home in viewers’ hearts.

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