Chris Pratt’s Tomorrow War 2 updates after years of silence

    A few years after the first movie set records for Prime Video, Tomorrow’s War 2 He finally got an update from director Chris McKay. Chris Pratt led the 2021 sci-fi cast as Dan Forrester, a former 2022 Green Beret who is recruited by soldiers who have traveled since the year 2051 to battle an invading alien force that has nearly wiped out humanity in the future. Marking McKay’s live-action directorial debut, the film garnered largely mixed reviews, with praise directed at Pratt, Sam Richardson, and the action sequences.

    while talking with Approx To discuss his work in the comedy horror film RenfieldChris McKay reflected on his experience with Chris Pratt Tomorrow’s war and its success in streaming. When asked about the previously announced part, about which there has been no news for two years, the director gave a promising update on the project, stressing, “There is a text coming for thatIn the near future. Watch McKay’s reflection on the film below:

    Yes, because they released it all over the world on the same day. Literally, they released it all over the world. I keep getting IMs from people from India and Brazil, who’s into it, who loved this movie and who loved characters and things like that. In the end, it was a really nice experience. But it was one of those things where you, of course, make a movie for theatres. Then the movie was over and they were like, “No, we’re going to put it on a streamer.” It was a little hard to swallow because I’d seen it in theaters and seen how it played. And to this day, it still works on Amazon. It remains one of their first films to this day.

    Everything we know about Tomorrow War 2

    Chris Pratt walks with his squad carefully

    Despite its mixed reviews, Tomorrow’s war It proved to be one of the biggest hits of the summer on streaming platforms, breaking several records for Prime Video and becoming the most-watched movie on streaming, while also beating out Netflix. Fear Street Trilogy and Disney+ Black Widow And Luca. This success quickly led to talks between Skydance and Amazon for a Tomorrow’s War 2with MacKay in negotiations to return alongside writer Zack Dean, Pratt, Richardson, Betty Gilpin, Yvonne Strahovski, Edwin Hodge, and JK Simmons.

    Two years after the film’s release and its sequel was announced, McKay’s update appears to confirm that Dean, who also contributed to… X is fastscreenplay, he started writing it properly Tomorrow’s War 2. Plot details are still being worked out at this point, though McKay has previously expressed hopes that the sequel will begin to expand the time-travel universe of the original film, including the creation of a wormhole device used to bridge the past and the future, and the origin of an alien species. , white nails.

    Related: How Tomorrow’s War copies a classic sci-fi alienAlthough the film’s casting details have yet to be confirmed, previous reports of Tomorrow’s War 2 The desire to bring Hodge and Strahovski back seems to suggest more time-traveling adventures considering the former died in the final chapter of the original and the latter only existed as a future version of Pratt’s daughter. With McKay looking to be on the lookout for how the sequel will progress, it’s possible that the deos will return to the helm of the sci-fi-led sequel, while Pratt’s ongoing relationship with Amazon for station list The second season increases the possibility that he will return to lead the cast.

    Source: Uproxx

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