Best small town crime TV series

    Small-town crime TV shows hit mixed results, as they tap into the tight-knit community dynamics at stake, creating intense tension.

    Small town crime dramas were different. A small town backdrop provides the perfect setting for crime stories. The general elements found in the crime series revolve around a small, tightly knit community where everyone knows everyone, along with a certain distance from DC civilization. A crime committed in such a place sends waves of terror to all the residents of the small town, when compared to the larger and unconnected metro. Here are some of the best small-town crime TV series, ranked.

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    10 From outside

    E Coco

    Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, From outside It tells the tale of an mundane entity that preys on children, while also possessing shape-shifting powers. The demon known as El Cuco begins his vicious string of crimes with a young boy, who takes the form of the boy’s coach, Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman). The resulting string of murders drives a small town Cherokee into a frenzy as they race against time for answers.

    9 sharp objects

    Amy Adams in Sharp Things
    Warner Bros. Television Distribution

    When reporter Camille Bricker (Amy Adams) returns to her hometown to investigate the murders of two young girls, she encounters some of her demons from her past. sharp objects It is set in a fictional town called Wind Gap in Missouri, but successfully simulates all the inner workings of a small town.

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    8 Trapped

    Still trapped

    Trapped is a dark story about atmospheric tension. Set in a small coastal town in Iceland, the show revolves around the course of events that occur after a mutilated body is found. Then, the city is hit by a blizzard, adding to the horror and difficulty level as the local authorities try to solve the case. If bleak surroundings and atmospheric tension are your thing, be sure to check out Trapped.

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    7 longmire

    Warner Bros. Television

    Located in the small town of Absaroka County, Wyoming, longmire Based on Walt Longmire’s mystery novels by Craig Johnson. The premise revolves around the mysterious Absaroka County Sheriff Walt Longmire, who is doing his best to uphold the law while dealing with the recent death of his wife. longmire is a tale of loyalty and values ​​set against the backdrop of personal relationships between small towns, peppered with daily crimes.

    6 top of the lake

    Moose Top of the Lake
    Watch movies

    Prepared by Oscar-winner Jane Campion, top of the lake The film follows detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss), as she dives deep into the disappearance of a pregnant 12-year-old girl in a small town in New Zealand. As Griffin gets more involved with the case, she realizes she’s up against a much bigger evil hidden away in a small town.

    5 mare east town

    Kate Winslet Mary from Easttown

    mare east town He has the typical workings of a detective who struggles with personal issues while also investigating a murder. What sets the show apart from the mold is its portrayal of the people of Delaware County. Right from the look and feel to the salty voice and attitude, the makers of the show replicate the spirit of a small town with impressive margins alongside Kate Winslet’s career-best performance.

    4 Bates Hotel

    Bates Motel is a scary TV show prequel to Myself
    NBC Universal

    Adapted from the book by Alfred Hitchcock mental patient, Bates Hotel It offers a close look at Norman Bates’ teenage years that highlights his declining mental health. Set in a small town in a coastal Oregon town, the show serves as a contemporary prequel to Hitchcock’s 1960’s masterpiece and is a must-see for all Hitchcock fans.

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    3 Fargo

    Still image from the Fargo demo
    MGM Television
    Disney ABC – Local

    Fargo Adapted from the Coen Brothers movie of the same name. The show follows a series of quirky characters as they deal with a slew of crimes set in different time periods, sharing the same fantasy world as the Coen brothers’ movie. The show cleverly expands on the Coen Brothers’ universe while adding new layers of dark drama without losing the context of the original narrative.

    2 True Detective Season 1

    True detective season 1

    When detectives Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rusten Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) discover dark secrets related to a series of murders, some of their secrets come to the surface as well. real detective It is set in a small town in Louisiana and features themes of occult and pagan practices. The show is set in two different timelines, with the past and present cut off, for better dramatic effect.

    1 Broadchurch

    Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller and Detective Inspector Alec Hardy investigate the mystery.

    Broadchurch‘s The genius lies in its setting and its inhabitants. The narrative weaves together intricately as the murder of an 11-year-old boy throws the small Dorset community into chaos. The small town operates on close-knit, personal relationships, where everyone knows everyone. In such a setting, no one is spared, and everyone is seen as the culprit. Brought to the scene to solve the mystery, an out-of-town detective, Alec Hardy (David Tennant) is aided by Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman). As Hardy and Miller delve deeper into the mystery, cracks between their personal lives come to the surface.

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