Best movies to watch this weekend (April 7-9)

    In terms of movie releases, April 2023 is definitely a weirdo. A little bit of everything will appear to just about everyone, whether you’re interested in seeing video game properties come to life, how a famous shoe came to be, or how an oil pipeline blows up. And no, we’re just exaggerating a little. With the first full week of April over, you might find the wide range of content on offer to be a little overwhelming.

    Luckily, we found it helpful to compile some of the best theatrical releases arriving over the weekend, along with recaps of the particularly popular ones from last week. So whether you work nine to five or even work at all, there are plenty of great movies to watch this weekend.

    Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves (March 31)

    Sophia Lillis Dungeons & Dragons
    Paramount Pictures

    Although it was released a week ago, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Still going strong. Despite the mixed reception towards the movie’s trailer, most agree that it’s a great embodiment of the fun that can be had with the legendary Wizards of the Coast tabletop game. Following the bard and his accompanying band of thieves, the magic tablet’s journey turns into something much bigger when alliances are tested, and the stakes rise rapidly.

    Members Dungeons and Dragons And casual viewers alike are having a great time. Rather than being a generic fantasy film slapped with a corporate brand, there are several key aspects of Dungeons and Dragons The universe is intertwined in a fantastic adventure that unfolds from the world. From owlbears to unique magic systems, Honor among thieves Hopefully it will be the start of something much bigger in the future.

    Air (5 April)

    Air 2023 movie with Ben Affleck
    Amazon Studios

    As the “movies about products” trend continues, air It’s not about NBA legend Michael Jordan or the sportswear company Nike. Specifically, it relates to the formation of the Air Jordan brand of basketball shoes and how the journey of associating Michael Jordan with the Nike brand eventually led to him dominating the industry. At its core, it’s a movie about a shoe. However, it’s also a particularly funny, engaging, and dramatic movie that just so happens to be about a shoe.

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    Beneath what would have been a standard sportswear resume lies an intriguing story surrounding the most iconic piece of sportswear today. Led by Ben Affleck, who directed and works alongside Matt Damon, air It was a smash hit with the critics while also receiving Michael Jordan’s full blessing.

    Super Mario Bros. movie (April 5)

    Super Mario Bros movie
    Universal Pictures

    Illumination’s attempt to bring a Mario movie to the big screen comes three decades after the deeply distasteful 1993 movie. Despite some mild controversy over the studio’s choice and criticism toward Chris Pratt’s performance as the eponymous Italian plumber, there’s still some real effort put into a Mario movie comeback – Along with a lot of fan service for those who have grown up with the games.

    A pair of Brooklyn plumbers, Mario and Luigi, find themselves transported to a fantasy world filled with mushroom people, magical power-ups, and malevolent reptiles with a penchant for world domination. Admittedly, it takes a lot at once if you haven’t played the games. However, this family-friendly adventure is sure to entertain, with plenty of stars in its talented cast.

    How to blow up a pipeline (7 April)

    How to blow up a cast pipeline

    Loosely inspired by Andreas Malm’s titular non-fiction book, How to blow up a pipeline is definitely an “interesting” title that hits theaters this weekend. No matter where you sit on the fence regarding Malm’s ideology, How to blow up a pipeline It promises to be a riveting examination of the pros and cons of an explosive approach to environmentalism.

    A “heist” movie at heart, those who want a tense thriller surrounding improvised explosives and sabotage plans will likely find themselves in for a good time. However, if you’re more interested in the film’s political aspects, you’ll be pleased to know that it balances the moral concerns suggested by its fraught title with the logic and ramifications behind it. Just be careful when you search for the movie’s title on Google.

    Paint (April 7)

    Paint Owen Wilson
    IFC movie

    Owen Wilson playing the legally over-the-top Bob Ross feels apt. no, paint Not a Bob Ross biopic, as surprising as it would be. Instead, it’s a charming little comedy about a local celebrity who is challenged by a fresh talent. Carl Nargel, public television star and suave artist, must ultimately face the upheaval of his fortune and legacy in a world that never seems to stop changing around him.

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    paint It comes off as an interesting examination of holding on to the past and how that can negatively affect someone in the present. Owen Wilson does double duty not only as a comedic interpretation of Bob Ross but as someone who needs to re-examine what can truly make himself happy. Since it’s rated PG-13, we can expect a movie that relies more on the quality of its writing rather than outright posturing.

    Ride On (April 7)

    ride on horse jackie chan poster
    Well Go USA Entertainment

    Martial arts legend Jackie Chan has always been a little different from other action stars. Instead of setting up tense fights that show off his prowess, Jackie Chan’s films are often a display of creative stuntwork and imaginative choreography. Inspired by the likes of Buster Keaton, we can expect his latest movie, ride onAnother fun adventure.

    ride on Follows a retired stuntman who finds himself pulled back into the industry after going viral for fighting off debt collectors with his stunt horse. Possibly drawn from Jackie Chan’s own history with death-defying stunts – including some that almost killed him on the spot – it’s a movie that taps into his strengths, reminding us how fun action movies can be.

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