Beef creator Lee Sung Jin has been drawing more seasons of the Hit series already

    As the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold. However, the movie is an offbeat comedy and thriller meat The exhibits that take revenge can be raw, unmixed, and served with a side of trifles. The ambitious Netflix-A24 joint venture became an overnight success, scoring high approval ratings with critics and captivating audiences with a well-crafted series helmed by masterful performances by Ali Wong And Stephen Yeun. meat It follows a couple as their lives intertwine after a road rage incident degenerates into a brutal feud and begins to unravel their lives. Although the far-fetched ending left room for interpretation, Beef originator Lee Sung Jin He mentioned in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that he envisioned future seasons for the series.

    without giving spoilers, Beef The finale featured an explosive confrontation between Wong and Yeun’s characters — Amy and Danny, respectively — that culminated in a brief moment of reconciliation and understanding between the two feuding partners before tragedy strikes Danny. By the end of Episode 10, everything is brought to light, which helps support the final feel of the final episode. Although the past sins and dirty deeds of Amy and Danny have been brought to light to their loved ones, the duo’s next move remains a long-standing question. This was by design, as Sung Jin wanted a fitting ending that allowed for the possibility of more exploration in future seasons.

    “I wanted it to have a definitive feel to it just in case. But there are a lot of ideas on my part to keep this story going. I think we should be blessed with a second season, there are so many ways to continue Danny and Amy. I have one really big general thought that I can’t say.” Not really yet, but I have three seasons set in my head right now.”

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    The beef came together under an incredible time crunch

    Starring BEEF stars Ali Wong and Stephen Yeun
    A 24

    meat It quickly rose to become one of the most prominent TV projects of 2023. Lee Sung Jin He forges a poignant story between two rivals that all began because of a trivial road accident that eventually turned into a horrific and all-out war. Throughout the 10-episode season, meat He doesn’t shy away from oscillating between comedic, dramatic, and bloody tones as the stakes run increasingly high in Amy and Danny’s heated feud.

    When speaking on the penultimate episode and the series in general with Rolling Stone, Sung Jin stated that many of the crazy behaviors in the season can be attributed to how fast it is. meat They must meet according to the show’s schedule.

    “While writing and filming, everything vomited out of me and everyone involved, and I don’t think I’ve had time to stop or clear myself. The time crunch in television is insane. You don’t have any time to stick your head above water and be like, ‘Wait, what are we going to do?'” There was Already a copy of the episode [9] That was darker, believe it or not. To everyone’s credit, people turned me back. If you read the first chart, you will be dumbfounded.”

    All episodes of the series meat Currently available to stream exclusively on Netflix.

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