Bad Boys 4 set photos reveal first look at Will Smith’s return

    The cameras are rolling bad boys 4. The action movie sequel brings back will Smith alongside franchise co-star Martin Lawrence, and production is currently ramping up on the project in Atlanta. A pair of new set photos, which you can see over at TMZ, reveal the first look at Smith again as Detective Mike Lowry. In both photos, Smith, with Mike’s familiar goatee, appears to be smiling when talking to others in the group. Smith is clearly feeling good about getting back to work with one of his first major projects to start filming after the infamous Oscar slam that dominated headlines last year.

    While the film was shot before the Oscars incident, Smith’s acclaimed film Release It was released last December, a sign that the controversy against the actor was beginning to subside. By February, Smith announced in an Instagram video alongside Lawrence bad boys 4 It was officially in pre-production. In the video, the actors joked that they had to save the title for the third installment, Bad boys for lifel bad boys 4though they were happy to announce the project regardless.

    “We shouldn’t have called it that,” said Smith. “But this is it bad boys 4It’s official.”

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    Bad Boys 4 stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

    Bad boys 3 for life
    Sony Pictures launch

    It was recently revealed that Eric Dane (instinctive anatomyAnd trance) to play the villain bad boys 4. He cast his choice after reports that a sequel would appear Bad boys for life Actors Vanessa Hudgens, Paula Nunez, and Alexander Ludwig reprise their roles. Directors Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah returned to directing, using a screenplay from Bad boys for life Co-writer Chris Bremner.

    The plot details of the film were not revealed. The franchise originated in 1995 Bad boys, which followed detectives Mike Lowery (Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) looking to find $100 million worth of heroin. 2003 Bad Boys II Mike and Marcus were investigating ecstasy sales and a dangerous drug dealer in Miami. 2020 Three Coil Bad boys for life He has the buddy cops team up with a special tactical squad called AMMO to fight back against a vengeful gang that wants them dead.

    bad boys 4 It does not have an official release date at this time.

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