Babylon 5 Creator Teases Mysterious New Ad (But It’s Not a Reboot)

    Babylon 5 Creator J. Michael Straczynski teases an upcoming announcement for the sci-fi franchise that has nothing to do with the potential reboot. The popular space opera series featured both human and alien characters on the Babylon 5 space station, a neutral site established after many intergalactic wars. While a Straczynski-headlined reboot was announced in 2021 for The CW, it has been slow-moving and has yet to enter production.

    now, Stratzinsky Post a new logo for Babylon 5 on Twitter, to tease an announcement for next week.

    Straczynski explains that the announcement had nothing to do with what was expected Babylon 5 Show reboot, but don’t explain the meaning of the new logo. All he says is, “sSomething wonderful is coming.

    What could be the New Babel 5 Declaration?

    Bruce Boxleitner as John Sheridan in Babylon 5

    Straczynski’s announcement is great news for Babylon 5In the future, even if it is not related to the planned reboot. So far, the proposed reboot of Babylon 5 On The CW he received some updates from Straczynski or anyone else involved. However, the series creator’s latest tweet points to a looming strike within the Writers Guild of America as the reason why the reboot hasn’t begun production just yet.

    As for the future Babylon 5 ad, no clue as to what that could be. Experimental film for the exhibition Babylon 5: The Gathering It was broadcast in 1993, marking the year 2023 as the series’ 30th anniversary. This important milestone along with the new logo could mean a new, previously unannounced project set within Babylon 5 The universe could be revealed next week.

    If Straczynski’s ad is new Babylon 5 The project, it has to be something smaller than a full-fledged TV series given the current state of the reboot. This opens the door to any number of possibilities, including a movie, comic, or game. Since there isn’t much to speculate on aside from the new logo, it might be best to wait for Straczynski to provide more information about next week. Babylon 5 advertisement.

    source: Michael Straczynski/Twitter

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